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Friday, August 9, 2019

Topsy and Tuptim Wrap Up their Synod Study with Prayers to Our Lady of Good Success

Arriving at Natural Bridge, Topsy and Tuptim take the picnic lunch out of the car, pick up drinks at the snack bar, and go down to the path where they find a bench in the shade. Nearby is a simulated Monacan Indian village.

Topsy: (Observing the docents dressed like natives...) I brought my grandkids here last year and they had a great time learning all about Indian culture. It was very realistic. The docents not only explain the life of the Monacan Indians, they engage the children in activities. One woman with long, jet black hair had native American ancestors herself. She told some fascinating stories that were passed down through her own family.

Tuptim: Did they make it sound like the Garden of Eden? Can you imagine all the synod planners moving to live in the Amazon, getting rid of all their electronics? You know it's funny. There's a lot to learn about other cultures and how people lived in the past. But the Instrumentum Laboris (IL) makes it sound like the Church has done nothing but exploit people in the Amazon.

Topsy: (Nodding...) What nonsense! The Church has always valued truth no matter the source. The ideas about respecting cultures in the IL are presented as if they are novel and never-before considered. I think the document in general presents a false narrative.

Tuptim: Exactly! Thomas Aquinas studied Aristotle, for example. All the sanctimonious verbiage about respecting indigenous people and their culture comes across to me as phony. You politicians who kiss babies...or hospitals that do abortions but use their neo-natal programs for fundraising.

Topsy: Or pro-abortion politicians who talk about what devout Catholic they are as they vote to kill babies up until birth and even after.

Tuptim: Know what! I'm really sick of reading this document. Let's finish the torture today. Life is too short....and this Vatican is too long-winded. It's all "sound and fury signifying nothing."

Topsy: And it's so insulting to former missionaries as if they never valued the people. The document takes negative truths and magnifies them and ignores hundreds of years of compassionate missionary activity in the Amazon as if it never happened.

Tuptim: The document can be summarized in just a few words:  liberation theology, pantheism, ecological extremism, and syncretism. Jesus Christ is hardly mentioned at all. Bringing Him to the Amazon is not what's important to these guys. They present the indigenous people of the Amazon to the Universal Church as teachers and saviors, not because they believe what they say, but because they can use them as props to promote their agenda. But they're not meeting in the Amazon; they're meeting in Rome. Most of those guys have never set foot in the Amazon! Wouldn't want to get dirty and sweaty actually trekking around in the rainforest and going out to visit the people in their own environment.

Topsy: (Laughing...) You got that right. Get dirty and sweaty? And no showers and air conditioning? Get real! Heck! Have the synods even met at a monastery or college? No. They plan their meetings at at fancy hotels near the restaurant district.

Amazon Synod Poised to Wage TotalWar on Catholic Faith:
Our Resistance Must Be Equally Forceful by Robert de Mattei
Tuptim: The IL stresses what's important to this papacy and it sure isn't salvation There's not a positive word about previous missionary activity either. Like so much of the modernist element in the Church, you would think nothing ever happened until Vatican II. I recently listened to a podcast that unpacked the term "integral ecology" which has roots in new age earth worship. Man becomes nothing more than a component of the environment, just another life form in the eco-system equivalent to sister ant and brother fungus.

Topsy: Well there sure isn't anything in the IL to focus your mind on the human soul, the need for redemption, grace, salvation, religion (except the spirituality of the pagans), the Church, or prayer. We are all just part of "Mother Earth" who suffers and bleeds because of our exploitation. And I think the term "integral ecology" is deliberate codespeak to incorporate pagan ideas into the Universal Church.

Tuptim: Honestly...the whole thing is weird! You really need to listen to the podcast. I downloaded it on my phone. We can listen to it it on the way home. The priest and the lay woman talk about the apparitions in Quito, Ecuador of Our Lady of Good Success and relate her warnings to the synod.

Topsy: Didn't you go on pilgrimage there a few years ago!

Our Lady of Good Success
Tuptim: I did. It was wonderful. The faith there is so strong! Listening to the podcast brought back so many memories. And it really emphasized for me how relevant Mary's warnings are for us. We are seeing all these evils in our own time.

The priest, Fr. David Nix talks about the synod being a "revamping of the priesthood and the Eucharist under the pretext of evangelization." The corruption of the priesthood in the 20th century was one of Mary's predictions. It's chillingly accurate, but why wouldn't it be? The Blessed Mother knew! The podcast discusses the ecological movement, Tielhard de Chardin, and links some major Catholic figures, Pope Paul VI and Jacques Maritain specifically, with Saul Alinsky. I think it gives major insight into the synod and its evil objectives. There will be some additional podcasts on the synod. I want to listen to those as well. And we can study while we're traveling. Shall we listen to the first podcast on the way home?

Topsy: (Nodding...) Works for me. Let's do it. I'm glad we're finally finishing with this thing.

Tuptim: Yup, As they say in show biz, It's a wrap!

Topsy: Well...that's appropriate since it really is "show biz." Although we can't actually say, "It's a wrap," until October 27th. In the mean time we need to say beaucoup rosaries for the synod! Our Lady of Good Success, intercede for us and for Holy Mother Church.

Tuptim: AMEN!

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