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Friday, December 17, 2021

Commentary from Tom McFadden of Front Royal on Yesterday's Rosary Crusade

My husband and I attended the rosary at St. John the Baptist in Front Royal yesterday to pray for our poor country and the world as part of the world rosary crusade. Christ the King and Mary His Mother represent the greatest hope for our poor, deluded civilization immersed in a putrid swamp of evil. Yes, we need to fight on the secular level: fight to get sane people on our local supervisors' boards and school boards, fight for decent national representation. But the battle begins on our knees storming heaven for the supernatural help to fight the real enemy -- Satan, the lord of the world. 

Satan has no power except what the enemies of Christ give him, but there are many enemies to help him -- in seats of government, CEOs of companies, media moguls, celebrities in sports and entertainment etc. Yesterday we gathered under the mantle of our twelve star general, Our Lady, and prayed for her protection and assistance. There are many rosary crusades going on around the world, thanks be to God, because Mary's garland is our weapon of mass conversion. Pray it every day, multiple times if possible. Every Hail Mary is a rose, kissed and laid at the feet of Our Mother. She will present all of those roses to Jesus with our requests. 

A friend, Tom McFadden, wrote this after yesterday's event:
A hundred or so (men, women, teens) assembled at 1:00 PM in St. John's today to pray the rosary for our country. It is the only thing to be done because there is no salvation in politics. That needs to be said because a variety of news outlets are predicting that the Biden Disaster will lead to Republicans taking the House and Senate in November's elections. But a lot of really bad stuff will happen before a new Congress in January 2023. Besides that, such a result won't change anything much.

Mark Steyn observed in After America that
The United States has not just a ruling class, but a ruling monoculture. Its ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ and ‘science’ permeate not just government but culture, the media, the institutions in which we educate our children, the language of public discourse, the very societal air we breathe. That’s the problem, and just pulling the lever for a guy with an R after his name every other November isn’t going to fix it.

Mr. Steyn went on to note that “changing the culture (the schools, the churches, the movies, the TV shows) is more important than changing the politics.” The late Andrew Breitbart taught Steve Bannon that “Politics is downstream from culture” and said he “wanted to change the cultural narrative.” Pat Buchanan explained that war for our culture is a religious war:

As the culture war is about irreconcilable beliefs about God and man, right and wrong, good and evil, and is at root a religious war, it will be with us so long as men are free to act on their beliefs.

 The best weapon we have is prayer.

Tom is absolutely right and he is no quietist who wants God to do everything while we sit wringing our hands. He's an organizer who alerts people to get out to town meetings and sign up to speak. I've known him for about 40 years and he is a warrior who fights for faith and family on both the spiritual and secular battlefield. 

We are the Church Militant! Let's act like it.

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