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Friday, December 10, 2021

#realnotrare: Damage from the Faux Vaccine is Spreading. Break the Silence, Spread the Truth

#RealNotRare: Vax-Injured Women Release Video To Raise Awareness About Adverse Reactions

Real people are being impacted by the gene therapy mislabeled as a vaccine. More and more real people are collapsing, dying, suffering serious side effects -- all at the hands of the liars at the CDC and NIH led by their liar-in-chief, Anthony Fauci. How many healthy young athletes have collapsed and died from heart damage due to the jabs? How many more will in the days ahead?

A group of women have now started a website to tell their stories and let others share theirs. Meanwhile, Big Pharma continues to be exempt for the massive damage they have done and continue to do to the health of people all over the world. And Big Media continues to hide it. Note this from the linked article:

“Looking for vaccine info?” Instagram asks when a user searches for the hashtag. “When it comes to health, everyone wants reliable, up-to-date information. Visit the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The website has information that can help answer questions you may have about vaccines.”

Users are then directed to the CDC website if they click on the link provided by Instagram.

After bypassing the social media site’s prompt, users can see about 30 posts by vaccine-injured people or their families.

However, at the bottom of the first page of search results, Instagram admits to hiding other posts using that hashtag because, “Some posts may not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines.”

For all we know, there could be hundreds of thousands of posts under the hashtag, but Instagram won’t let anyone see.

Transparency? Truth? Don't look for it from Instagram! Or Facebook! Or Google! Or YouTube! Or the mainstream media. They are all on the take and Bill Gates and his billions buy a lot of camouflage. Love of money is, indeed, the root of all evils and hundreds of new billionaires have benefitted as COVID shifted the wealth of the lowest income wage earners to the highest. And, at the same time, left millions sick, with damaged immune systems, and serious long term and even permanent side effects. 

Friends don't let friends take the vaccine without at least having the information. Do the research and share it! They really are the "deathvax!"

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Aqua said...

What is HIV? "By damaging your immune system, HIV interferes with your body's ability to fight infection and disease."

What is AIDS? "a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Your immune system has been severely damaged. You'll be more likely to develop opportunistic infections or opportunistic cancers — diseases that wouldn't usually cause illness in a person with a healthy immune system.

What is in the Vaxx? VAIDS. Vaccine Acquired Immuno-Defficiency Syndrome. They are giving us AIDS. AIDS opens up the pathway for "opportunistic infections or cancers -- diseases that wouldn't usually cause Illness in a person with a healthy immune system -- to gain the upper hand against our God-given defenses.

Live by science. Die by science.

VAIDS. Time for a re-brand.