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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Fr. Tom Collins: Warnings about the Synodal Process

Editor's comment: Another synod, another scandal. Up to now I haven't said anything about the latest Vatican synod which opened in October. It's clear from past synods that each of these events is just one more opportunity to stir the slop bucket of change. Change the Church. Change the family. Change the worship. 

Been there done that. 

And what does all this synodality bring us? Pachamama, undermining the liturgy, suppressing evangelization and the missions, yada, yada. I remember the Call to Action Conference back in the 70s when the liberal element of the Church took over the process promoting women's ordination, sexual libertinism, and every manner of dissent. It resulted in establishment of Call to Action, the heretical group that spurred Les Femmes' origin. We recognized that the fight was in the Church not outside her. The synods under Pope Francis have followed the same trajectory as the CTA conference, i.e., manipulation. Fr. Collins warns that the latest episode of synodal show-time is also likely to be manipulated, and it is unlikely to be manipulated in the direction of orthodoxy. Already some dioceses have exhibited the nonsense we've come to expect - like the opening Mass in the Diocese of San Bernadino with someone dressed up in the costume of an Aztec demon. Are we surprised after Pachamama at the Vatican? All I can say is, "God save the Church!" and may He use our hands, hearts, minds, and voices to do it. Fight from your knees!

And now -- Fr. Tom Collins:

The powers-that-be at the USCCB have de facto conceded to the legitimacy 
of the blasphemous secularist assertion that the Eucharistic Christ wills to support the butchering of babies in the womb, as well as the injecting of all children with the lethal experimental mRNA genetic-altering devices foisted on us by Fauci.

Sadly, this seems to be a harbinger of how the new Synod process is going to be manipulated, much as the Second Vatican Council was manipulated through the
secret Metz agreement,* with the consent of John XXIII, so as to prohibit any kind of discussions or decrees about the evils of Communism. The whole process will be steered in the direction of giving more favorable treatment to the perversions of modern society than to the conversion of society in obedience to the whole truth of God. “Dialogue” with degenerate philosophies will displace discernment of the whole truth of God, as the globalist agenda is given more favorable treatment than the eternal truths of our Faith. And this will be presented as a new form of John XXIII’s call for aggiornamento, which implied that our Catholic Faith was stagnant and that the Church had to open the windows to allow the “fresh air” of secular society to refresh us. 
Instead of affirming the fidelity of the Holy Spirit to the Church, this idea indicated that the Holy Spirit was really more active in secular society than in the Church. 

I believe that the final product of the Synod will be the endorsement of a new “more evolved” kenosis theology (see previous post), which the powers-that-be in the Vatican and in the USCCB will use to supplant the proclamation in Heb 13:8 – “Jesus Christ is the same – yesterday, today and forever”.

Considering the degeneration of catechesis over the past half century, as well as they more recent concession to the secularist assertion that participation at Mass is “non-essential, I am afraid that large numbers of Catholics will be more than willing to embrace this new theology, especially since it will de facto reject basic moral norms of modesty, chastity and reverence in favor of deepening addictions to material comfort, convenience and complacency.

God save us!

Fr. Tom

* "In a 2007 book called The Metz Agreement, veteran French essayist Jean Madiran gathers a number of sourced claims, testifying that a deal was hatched during Soviet-arranged secret talks in 1962. The meeting, Madiran says, took place in Metz, France, between Metropolitan Nikodim, the Russian Orthodox Church’s then-“foreign minister,” and Cardinal Eugène Tisserant, a senior French Vatican official. Metropolitan Nikodim was, according to Moscow archives, a KGB agent. Various sources have since confirmed that an agreement was reached, instructing the Council not to make any direct attack on Communism. The Orthodox then agreed to accept the Vatican’s invitation to send a number of observers to the Council." [From Catholic World Report]


  1. Crisis magazine has an article relating to this today by Francis Maier with regard to synods. I recommend it.

  2. As a one-time member of the board of directors of Call to Action Northern Virginia (and as one who sat through the trespassing trial in Leesburg), may I thank you for giving us credit for spurring the creation of Les Femmes. You also should get some sort of merit badge for outlasting CTA-NVA, which has long since dissolved - even as our spirit lives on.

  3. Sorry, Jim, I don't remember you, although I've been praying for all you CTA folks for years, especially Peggy Gott. I had a few contacts with Rea Howarth. She emailed me once after she moved to the Valley years ago, but we've never run into each other. I was talking to someone on the phone this morning about Charlie Davis who came to the "cast party" at my house in Alexandria after the trial 26 years ago. WOW! he brought his wife (at the time), Paige. I wish you all the best, as in the fullness of truth in the faith.

    Your "spirit" is living on a ventilator at this point. Look at the photos of the nuns on the bus and dissident wannabe priests like Bridget Meehan. They will be checking out soon. So will I, but my husband and I are leaving behind a big group of solid Catholic grandchildren to carry on the faith. Somehow, I doubt if the CTA regulars who promoted contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, fornication, women's ordination, etc. can say the same. And that doesn't begin to tell the whole story. Our SSPX chapel is filled with children and expectant moms. And many of them home school to protect their innocent little ones from the corruption of government schools. Some of their older sons are in the seminary. They look a lot different from the light-in-the-loafer crowd of the 70s and 80s.

    Your day is coming to a close, Jim, if you still stick to all that nonsense. Why not come into the light? Come visit Camp Kreitzer. You can sample our honey (We're beekeepers) and some Christmas cookies or come for a meal. I'm a good cook. We can have a Socratic discussion about the faith. Wouldn't that be fun?