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Monday, December 20, 2021

Will Ben Carter and Mundabor be the Next Targets for "Church Malevolent" Lawsuits?

From the Asperges; "Mundabor"

Thanks to Mundabor's blog, I recently discovered Ben Carter's YouTube channel, the Garden Shed. Carter has a series of videos spoofing "Church Malevolent." Carter is an SSPX member living in Portugal and he considers Michael Voris a dangerous individual, the "enemy of tradition," who "insults and condemns every decent Catholic out there" and is "undermining the entire office of the episcopacy." Carter describes himself as a "nobody... just a layman...trying in [his] poor way to be a Christian." He describes Church Militant as a "horrible, gutter, tabloid, disgusting, lying, dissembling, wicked organization" whom he believes are "dangerous and doing a lot of damage" to the Church.

I"m grateful to Mundabor for the introduction to Carter. Mundabor, unlike Carter, writes anonymously He describes himself saying: "This is the blog of a conservative Catholic. A very conservative one. This blog’s aim is to allow true, traditional, unadulterated, strictly orthodox Catholic doctrine to be made available in a world suffocating more and more in political correctness and “feel-good”, “everything goes”, “let us not upset anyone” so-called Catholicism....The author [anonymous] has no desire of notoriety or recognition. His aim is to react to the increasing secularisation of Western societies by saying it as it is."

And he does it well!

I love it when Mundabor asks for help! His requests read like a hand-out appeal for money until you get to the end and he asks for prayers, a Mass or rosary. How happily I respond to such requests! How totally refreshing -- a Catholic blogger who doesn't have his hand out asking for money. No "premium subscribers" at Mundabor's blog.

In two recent posts Mundabor took on Church Militant.

Of Display Windows, Vases, And Bitches in which Mundabor points out that never, in the history of Christianity, have homosexuals, reformed or not, been held up as role models for Catholics. Because of their disordered inclinations, their "bitchiness" as Mundabor puts it, they view life through a distorted lens. Using them to assess life is like putting on your neighbor's thick glasses and trying to see clearly. Sorry, but it ain't going to happen! Church Militant distorts and twists. They also borrow on the credibility of others. I'm sorry to see people I once admired jumping on their bandwagon. 

Camp Victims in which Mundabor pricks the balloon of Voris' claim that homosexuals are "victim souls." What exactly is a victim soul?

The St. Gemma Galgani website defines it this way: 

A victim soul is a person especially called by God to sacrifice and suffer in union with Him for the conversion of souls, and in reparation for the sins of mankind. In other words, their mission is to lead souls to God. Most notably is the special union between Jesus and the soul victim. Jesus is not only with them, He is in them, and they are thus united to God in a special way for the conversion of sinners. Thus united, they are in a special sense, co redeemers with Christ. With this in mind we have St Paul who says- “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." (Galations 2:20).

To claim that being a homosexual whose rejected the lifestyle makes one a "victim soul" is like saying giving up drug addiction is a cause for canonization. To repent of mortally sinful behavior is not holy; it is necessary to even begin the journey to holiness. It may take courage and grace to do it, but it no more makes one a "victim soul" than practicing temperance can be described as heroic fasting.

This kind of posturing is just one more indication of a poisonous narcissism infecting Church Militant. You can almost hear Mike Voris saying, "Thank God I am not like other men. I am an 'authentic Catholic,' not like those traditionalists and pedo-enablers." And so, like the Pharisees, Voris and company sit in judgment of just about every Catholic on the planet, lay or clerical, who isn't a member of their little cult. They are entertainers telling endless horror stories in order to attract an audience of thrill-seekers. (Remember, "If it bleeds, it leads!") What horrible bishop or priest can we attack today? How many clicks and comments can we generate by magnifying this evil?

We sadly await the next chapter in the Church Malevolent soap opera masquerading as "authentic Catholic news." If you really want "authentic Catholic news" we recommend LifeSiteNews, Catholic Family News, The Wanderer, and The Remnant.


  1. I thought Benedict Carter lived in Fatima, Portugal. Wherever he lives, his Church Malevolent videos are spot one.

  2. You're right. I misunderstood him. I went back and rewatched the video.

  3. Mary Ann, most of the links in the post are dead. I'm assuming that you removed the formatting at some point in writing it. I've discovered that that will kill most links, turning them into links back to Blogger if you're on it or 404s if you don't have a Blogger account.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Jovan-Marya. I fixed the links. That must be what I did. I need to remember to check when I'm done.

  5. Hi Mary Ann! Ben Carter here.

    Church Militant are constrained in their avenues for legal action against anyone outside the USA. Mundabor is in London; I am in Fatima in central Portugal.

    They have no case anyway.

    I hope you & your readers enjoy The Latex Christmas Special -- more English schoolboy tomfoolery I know, but it gets a few laughs and makes a point.

  6. I love your "schoolboy humor," Ben and am thankful to meet and greet you on my blog. May all of us "authentic Catholics" in the real Church Militant give glory to God in truth and charity!