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Monday, December 13, 2021

Church Militant's Christine Niles exposes the most dangerous member of the SSPX!

Susan Matthiesen and Mary Ann Kreitzer

This is a follow-up article to Susan's post from December 5th here.

Above is how Chubby Checker did The Twist. 
Below is how Christine Niles does The Twist.

*Good evening. I'm Christine Niles, cracker-jack investigative journalist and reporter coming to you from our Church Militant studio on loan from God. We're bringing you our special Spotlight Report tonight on a woman in Florida, Susan Matthiesen, making serious defamatory statements about Church Militant in general, and myself in particular including one particularly outrageous statement that I bite other people. That is a vicious lie! 

Matthiesen's hate-filled statements must be - and will be - met head-on with a defamation lawsuit by our team of good and faithful, well paid Catholic attorneys. Be sure to sign up as a Premium supporter so we can keep those lawsuits coming. 

Anyway here are the facts: [creepy music starts playing]
  • Matthiesen is a member of the SSPX, a Traditionalist Latin-Rite schismatic sect, a cult really, outside the Church filled with sex perverts who molest in the sanctuary, in the sacristy, in the confessional, on cruise ships, under the bed and on the Internet. Have nothing to do with their dangerous priests and chapels or their pedo-enabling, ignorant and brainwashed idiots in the pews [slide show of men in suits and women in chapel veils with glazed looks].
  • This woman, Susan Matthiesen, leads a secret life! At one time she had two husbands. Did she have these two husbands at the same time?  Were they all living in the same house, sleeping in the same bed? Was this in Virginia or Florida? We don't yet have all the facts but Church Militant is looking into court-ordered records and rumors, interviewing neighbors, going through her trash, visiting her place of work and soon will bring the entire truth of this and other sinful matters to light.
  • [video of a woman injecting herself] At one time Matthiesen was hospitalized for her addiction to drugs. Church Militant secretly obtained proof that this member of the Traditionalist SSPX schismatic cult said that her "happiest moments in life" are when she's taking drugs. She admitted lying to her doctor so he would prescribe various pain-killing prescription drugs and is known to be a heavy user of a substance which she calls "goody powders" [photo from Scarface of Al Pacino snorting cocaine] to which she has been addicted for nine years. We found an empty packet in her trash and are having it chemically analyzed.
  • We refute Susan's false claim to be blind. We obtained court-ordered records from her ophthalmologist that Susan has 20/20 vision. However nine years ago her addiction to, and massive use of, illegal drugs was so bad it affected her brain, which in turn caused a tumor to form within her left eye causing loss of vision. Her claim that she had three operations is false since our sources uncovered not only Medicare fraud on the part of her eye surgeon, but disability fraud on Susan's part.
  • This woman ought to be in jail, which, now that I mention it, appears to be a place she is familiar with - part of her dark mysterious past. [video of women prisoners in orange jump suits behind jail bars] She mentioned having a jail cell overlooking the lake and then being transferred to a Florida state prison. We're trying to obtain court-ordered records from the county as well as the Florida prison system for that information which we will immediately share so you will know too. 
  • Matthiesen states that she is poor yet our sources say that during her years at the race track she gambled on many hot tips from her race-fixing underworld friends [blurry video of "Big Tony" Cuilla bribing jockeys with a woman in the background] and won millions which is hidden in a Trust Fund in a Florida bank where she once worked. When Susan was younger she went to horse sales in Saratoga, NY, where yearlings sell for millions of dollars, therefore no telling how much money is in her Trust Fund at this point, especially after being invested and reinvested for decades. 
  • No, Matthiesen is not poor. Secret sources tell us that she's a rich playgirl who flunked out of college then flew off to Italy where she skied in the Alps in Cortina and shopped in Paris on the weekends. As for exercising Italy's champion show horses, we know for a fact that at the time this supposedly took place, Susan was a teenager and had never even been on a horse. 
  • Folks, her crimes go way back. Yet, this woman, a highly dangerous criminal, calls herself a Traditionalist Catholic and a member of the SSPX, that most treacherous faction of fraud, that evil cult of cancer, [voice rising] that den of iniquity, [voice rising higher] that pit of perversion, that... that... [she breaks off with a shriek...momentary silence...muffled background voices...then frantic chaos..."Call 911!...OMG! We'll have to edit that out!...Christine!...Christine!"...then Milo comes on.]
Uh...Milo here....Hi, folks. Um....uh...sorry for the interruption. To finish Christine's thought - Matthiesen's past, which this Spotlight episode exposes, should be enough to warn all good and faithful Catholics to steer clear of Traditionalism, especially the SSPX.
That's it for tonight, folks. This is Milo Yiannopoulos for Christine Niles signing off for Church Militant. God love you. Oh...and be sure to buy my recording of the Psalms and Proverbs. Click the ad on Church Militant's website (Premium members get 10% discount!) or watch my new show with Christine - Niopoulos! You'll have a chance to buy it there too. And don't forget to DONATE so that you can "become the best Catholic you can be".

*In case any Church Militant groupies think this is defamation, be assured that it is a satire piece. Nothing to see here, folks except busy, little buzzers imitating the Babylon Bee. By the way, we are not the only ones spoofing Church Militant Malevolent.


  1. As the comment at 12:13 illustrates, CM partisans will not suffer their critics to be permitted a sense of humor. GREAT JOB!

  2. Chris, I really don't think you understand what this is all about, do you?

  3. Susan,
    I'm reminded of a quotation from Sirach - "Do not consult with a woman about her rival". It is troubling that two women of faith spend so much time on sarcasm and belittling the other's talents. Envy is rearing its ugly head and it is not becoming of a lady. Each of you Les Femmes and CM have a unique place in this battle against evil within the Church. There is a singular place for the style of journalism that CM practices in this war, let's not underestimate it. Who else is exposing the underbelly our Church and exposing the overwhelming cowardice and corruption of our Church leaders? Let's not sidetrack ourselves by taking shots at our allies because Satan is coming after all of us and has infiltrated every aspect of the Church including the Traditionalists. If we can't support one other in our ministries and outreach, please stop with the backbiting and practice some prudential judgement and concentrate on our own struggles to reach heaven and save souls along the way.
    Custodi in fide et Purifica templum.

    Gerry McKeegan

  4. I appreciate your comment, Gerry, but can't agree. Church Militants uses lies, distortion, and exaggeration in their unbridled attacks on the hierarchy, priests, and the laity. Everyone who deviates from THEIR agenda ends up in the crosshairs of an intemperate and vicious attack...or the threat of a lawsuit.

    If anyone is guilty of envy and hating rivals, it's CM. They go after every other Catholic media outlet including EWTN, The Remnant, LifeSiteNews, Catholic Family News, Restoring the Faith...Gosh! Have I left anyone out?

    They find every priest ACCUSED of sex sin guilty based on the accusation -- before the presentation of evidence or letting the accused face his accusers and defend himself. They act as judge, prosecutor, and jury. They are not "our allies" in my opinion, but enemies of the Church, sowing contempt for the hierarchy, many of whom deserve criticism, but whose office deserves respect.

    With regard to prudence, is it "prudent" to call all the bishops "Johns" paying their hookers as they did with the bishops over the Baltimore rally fight? Was it "prudent" to say the bishops should ALL RESIGN because they are either homosexuals themselves, homosexual enablers, or cowards?

    CM started out well; sad to say they have taken an evil path and Susan and I will continue to point that out. I respect your charitable expression of opinion. I looked at your bio and, based on that, I consider you an ally in the fight for the Church. I cannot say the same about Michael Voris and Christine Niles.

  5. Gerry, possibly you don't understand that this post demonstrates the EXACT PROCESS that CM and Christine Niles use when TWISTING FACTS in order to arrive at their desired outcome, which is to defame their enemies. If you click on the link at the top of the page for the first article you'll see where I stated facts about my life.

    This post then takes those facts and, in the EXACT PROCESS used by Church Militant, twists the facts to make the truth seem evil. CM also uses "creepy music" and slide shows within their videos to emphasize their twisted "factual" presentation. I wrote about this in a prior article.

    We use sarcasm and satire because otherwise we'd be sued by Church Militant for presenting the TRUTH. We've already received a threat in the form of a Demand Letter from Christine Niles (back in July) because I dug too deep and came up with the name of a person they were trying not to mention and disrupted their plan to further defame the SSPX by their twisting of the facts. We also received a bully letter from that person's blowhard attorney. From the reaction we got, it was clear that I had hit the proverbial nail on the head and they wanted no further "discoveries" on our part. We were silenced for telling the truth that they were covering up.

    Underneath it all is the battle for Tradition, and since I'm not an Opus Dei controlled Catholic, and never will be, I'll speak up when Opus Dei controlled people twist the facts in order to smear Tradition.

  6. Gerry, you state, "There is a singular place for the style of journalism that CM practices in this war, let's not underestimate it."

    But is there a singular place for parsing the truth? Belittling and besmirching others who justifiably ask for fairness and Catholic principles to be upheld during so-called exposes?

    Sorry, but the rush to brand others as envious without looking objectively at the 'reporting' that CM uses to capture public attention is rash and not what Catholics or anyone need in this crazy time.

    CM relies on this 'singular style' that is not really singular but indicative of intentional manipulation. We do not need to be manipulated but given the truth in a fair and balanced fashion that doesn't pay on emotions. And in many instances, CM's 'reports' are really the repackaging of old news to appear amazing.

    But anyone who has paid attention for long enough, realizes that this tactic of pretending that CM is the premier source of old stories Catholics ignored for want of observation are tools of CM. CM, contrary to what emotions may lead others to believe, has an agenda that is exclusively their own and noting of the Church.

    That makes them dangerous.

  7. Gerry, in no way do I envy or am jealous of Christine Niles or CM, and I'm certain the same goes for Mary Ann. I have no idea why anyone would ever think that unless they automatically think that women are always jealous of one another and think of the other woman as a rival. That is purely secular thinking. You state that Sirach says not to consult with a woman about her rival. OK. Fine. Find me a rival and then don't consult me about her.

    As for Ms Niles, she isn't my rival. She's a public personality that puts herself out there and we, the public, have a right to be critical when she twists the facts.

  8. And, Gerry, I also thank you for your charitable reply.

  9. “Rivals”, Gerry?

    How did that thought enter into this equation? Rivals for what?

    As to CM’s “unique style” … National Enquirer comes to mind. Their legal department is similarly well fortified. Salacious is the word I associate with CM. Unique, sure, in a way. Useful, illuminating,edifying? No way.