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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Hatred of God and Our Holy Mother and our Church is Growing!

Spread this around and pray that the culprit be caught and prosecuted. This act of vandalism took place at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on the Feast of Our Lady yesterday. See the WTOP news report here.  

May this person be found and prosecuted. These hate crimes are happening all over the world, and here in the U.S. the bishops began tracking the attacks in May 2020. As of October 2021 there were 101 in 29 states during about 56 weeks. That's almost two a week. This violence against objects is dwarfed by the violence against the tiniest images of God in the wombs of their mothers. But it is a warning that violence against Christians is escalating and becoming more public. [Aid to the Church in Need Report from 2017-2019] 

We've seen people kicked, beaten, and even killed at Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots. The difference between many in these groups is both religious and cultural: communists/socialists vs. people of faith who love God and country. We've seen martyrdom of Christians around the world. Are the attacks on churches and images the prelude to the same kind of violence against people of faith? Are we on the verge of a world-wide Kristallnacht targeting Christians, especially Catholics? Pray for those who hate the Church. Attacking Mary's statues and images is one of the things for which we atone on First Saturday. I'm praying the rosary today for this individual and all those whose blind hatred inspires them to such acts!

And then there's the discrimination against the unvaxed who are often also Christians -- who put their trust in God rather than in the experimental jab and the almighty Dr. Mengele Fauci pushing it. The sign below reads, "Don't buy from the unvaccinated." Like I said -- Kristallnacht. 

History is repeating itself.

Germany 2021 

Germany 1938

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