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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Fr. Vander Woude encourages the Latin Mass congregation!


I found this video so incredibly sad. 

First of all, I have always had great respect for Fr. Tom Vander Woude who is the pastor at Holy Trinity in Gainesville. In a previous post, I mistakenly said the congregation at Holy Trinity was being abandoned because the Montessori school is in the boundaries of All Saints in Manassas. However, it is the priests of Holy Trinity who will care for that very large Latin Mass community -- at least until the next act of suppression is implemented.

And, yes, it's wonderful that the priests of Holy Trinity will continue to celebrate the Mass for the exiles, but that doesn't change the fact that the TLM is on the chopping block! This is a temporary permission only allowed for two years. Essentially, the bishop's policy establishes reeducation camps for the exiles to try to convince them to embrace the Novus Ordo (NO).  The plan to ban the TLM altogether remains, and the policy, which alters the norms, is obviously part of the reeducation campaign. 

Here are some of the draconian elements of the policy to phase out the TLM:

  1. No priest ordained after July 16, 2021 is allowed to say the TLM. Those ordained prior to that date must have special permission from the bishop and must request that permission before the end of this month. No priest who refuses to concelebrate the NO will be allowed to say the TLM. These rules tend toward the ultimate abrogation of the Mass. The pope wants it gone, and the bishops are enablers! (Read Sharon Kabel's article The Untold Story of the Death of the Old Mass.) Here's what Benedict wrote in Summorum Pontificum defending the TLM and dismissing the claim that it causes disunity:

Art 1. The Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI is the ordinary expression of the lex orandi (rule of prayer) of the Catholic Church of the Latin rite. The Roman Missal promulgated by Saint Pius V and revised by Blessed John XXIII is nonetheless to be considered an extraordinary expression of the same lex orandi of the Church and duly honoured for its venerable and ancient usage. These two expressions of the Church’s lex orandi will in no way lead to a division in the Church’s lex credendi (rule of faith); for they are two usages of the one Roman rite.

It's a fact that, here in the Diocese of Arlington where 21 parishes offered both masses, we did not, in fact, experience division. People worked in the parishes side by side regardless of the Masses they attended. 

The Vatican lied about the results of the bishops' survey that supposedly showed they opposed the charitable treatment of TLM communities under Summorum Pontificum and Ecclesia Dei. The survey was simply a ploy to provide an apparent justification to wipe out the TLM from the face of the earth. The actual results were never released publicly, but Diane Montagna has reported on them and, like the ministry of truth in Orwell's 1984, the reality is the opposite of what the Vatican claimed. 

We are living the reality of England under Henry VIII, Cromwell, Elizabeth, and all their evil minions. But the Mass of the Ages continues in the U.K today. The evil tyrants could not wipe it out, and the orthodox faithful have a history of fidelity even under severe persecution. While the pope and the bishops appear to be the philosophical descendants of tyrants, the faithful are the philosophical descendants of the martyrs. We are the pope and bishops' good servants, but God's first.

To continue with the bishop's instruction:

2. Parishes may not publish the times of the Masses in the bulletin or on their social media sites and no new groups outside those presently formed may be enacted. The bulletin ban is ridiculous, but it fits with the agenda of trying to make sure no new adherents join the exiles. I can testify from the growth of the SSPX chapel in Linden that not advertising will not prevent people from finding the Mass. The ban on advertising is just silly and vindictive. One wonders if the bishop will have his team of Topcliffes reading parish bulletins and social media to identify any violations. Will priests be sentenced to rack and rope if they let a notice slip through?

3. The policy in accordance with the motu proprio and the dubia responses dictates that the readings must be proclaimed in the vernacular. At a TLM Mass the readings are read in Latin at the altar, but generally read again in the vernacular before the homily. Suppressing the Latin reading is presumably one more tactic to separate the people from the ancient Mass. Ironically, of course, use of Latin, the language of the church for centuries was a unifying factor. You could go to Mass anywhere in the world and worship with others who spoke the language of the Church in unison. Not now! It's a tower of Babel!

4. Chapter nine of the policy states that many of the faithful attend both forms of the Mass. The implication is that suppressing the TLM is no big deal and the faithful will get with the program since they are already halfway there. The same with the priests. During the battle with Archbishop Lefebvre, the Vatican tried to get him to say the NO once. He would not. 

All of these machinations are leading my husband and me to discuss whether we should ever attend the NO again. Perhaps on September 8th our birthday gift to the Blessed Mother will be to shun the NO altogether from this time onward except in special circumstances like a bad snowstorm. What's happening is evil and perhaps the best way to react to the evil is to stop playing the game. I stopped teaching CCD after the Dallas bishops' meeting when the shepherds initiated policies to shift blame about sex abuse from themselves and their irresponsibility to the parish priests and the laity. I simply would not go to the VIRTUS "safe touch" meeting which lies that homosexuality isn't a problem or get fingerprinted to make the bishops look like they are doing something substantive. VIRTUS was never about protecting the children. It was always about protecting the assets. It brings in a great return for the stockholders of the National Catholic Risk Retention Group, the parent company. As always, the strategy was about money and VIRTUS, the "cadillac" of the safe touch programs is about liability. The "owners" are bishops and dioceses. Are you surprised?

Maybe it's time to stop playing the game. Yes the NO is valid, but it's being used to bludgeon the faithful. 

The draconian measures against the TLM were never about unity; they are about the agenda -- to crush the Latin Mass. 

Why such zeal to stamp out the Latin Mass when there are so many other forms and rites? 

I suspect we are dealing with deep Church forces that hate the faith. What more effective way to destroy her than to attack the liturgy? That would certainly explain the ban on saying the TLM during the holiest times of the year - Holy Week and the Easter Triduum. No Mass for you if you won't attend the NO Mass.

In Protestant England there were financial penalties for those who refused to attend Cranmer's Mass. Here we have spiritual penalties for missing Mass. You can almost hear the satanic cackle. "Those orthodox folks don't want to miss Mass on Easter; it's a mortal sin, so we'll tell them, 'If you don't attend the NO, you will have no Mass at all.'" 

Screwtape lives! 

God save the Church.


Andrew Dunn said...

RE: One wonders if the bishop will have his team of Topcliffes reading parish bulletins and social media to identify any violations.

Yes! The bishop(s) won't even have to recruit because dozens of Karens and Kevins will gleefully step up for this job.

I walked completely away from the Novus Ordo many years ago - I used to go to daily Mass in the NO and Sunday I would go to The Mass. I finally had to stop because it just no longer felt right. Other than the Real Presence, there really is no difference in the NO and the episcopal church's service which I was a part of before my conversion - and I left that for many, many reasons that are too many to list here. But, I left that to cross the Tiber all the way and it made no sense to carry on with a suck-up to protestantism when, after so many years, I had experienced the beauty and the Truth of the The Mass. The absence of prayers at the foot of the altar are just one example of how tragic the NO is.

It's time for all Trads who bear some type of animosity towards the SSPX to stop it. The SSPX are NOT in schism. Pope Benedict lifted the (unjust) excommunications. They kept the Mass and the Sacraments flowing during covidism while our diocesan bishops tripped over themselves to lock-down. During the worst months of the lockdowns, when I was at an SSPX chapel, there were no face burqas, no hand sanitizer, none of that hysteria. The priest(s) and their faithful flock knew that God was more powerful than a human-engineered virus/cold and its false vaccinations, designed to reduce the human population. If a U.S. bishop publicly came out and said what I just said, I never noticed it.

I'm hearing from some fellow Trads, the need to be "obedient" and to just wait. Well, what happens when - not if - Antipope Bergoglio via his toadies in Rome, issues a new directive that the words of the Consecration must be changed, thus invalidating the Transformation? What happens when they tell the priests to bless in the name of the "creator, sanctifier, and redeemer" because Father, Son and Holy Ghost are "sexist"? Don't think that's not coming folks. What will you do? Will you be obedient to an obvious anti-church or will you resist and practice your Catholic Faith as taught the Christ and the True descendants of his Apostles? Diocesan priests who say the TLM and know all of this is evil... Many people in your flocks have basement chapels. Will you offer The Mass there when the antichurch tells you not to?

It's time for big decisions folks. Souls are at risk.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

New Mass is "intrinsically evil"

Fr Wathen says same.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

The underlying message that I got from Father Vander Woode is to "pray and suffer in silence". Obviously I agree with the prayer part, but the "suffer in silence " part is unacceptable and in today's context, maybe even sinful. We cannot make it convenient for them to smash our faith into the ground. They must be made uncomfortable if they do that.

Anonymous said...

The posted video quickly reminded me that I have the gift of tears. The earnestness of Father Vander Woude's genuine care bursts from the video. Pray and hope and place it in the hands of the Blessed Mother.
Instant peace.
I am just a baby Catholic, converted 12 years ago. I had just asked our young priest today, after 7:30 am mass if we would ever see an extraordinary version of the mass at our parish. Father is 30+ years younger than me, and recently joined the Knights. He didn't blink.
The response? I am not trained to do it so it would have to be another priest that is trained. I will look into it.
I suggested that if a "task force" was needed, I would join.

Please understand, never been to TLM, but it being TRADITION, the people that are against it appear to me to be the people from the Dark Side. You just don't mess with tradition.


Aqua said...

You are a great example of a Catholic whose faith, being tried by fire, is being purified, refined rather than destroyed. I am encouraged by this, by your sense of things - representative of many others, no doubt. The persecution is a given - it doesn’t surprise me; I expect far worse than this before the purging and cleansing is over. The strengthening or weakening of the Faithful in response, however, THAT is the great unknown. I sense things have turned (up). Sensus Fidelium is awakened and responding to the trauma.

God bless you and all the suffering in the Diocese.

Anonymous said...

Fr VW is a faithful priest. I also hear that I’m called to be a saint at my SSPX chapel. I’m at peace knowing the Apostolic Mass isn’t going to undergo a bait and switch at that chapel unlike what appear to be almost political-like maneuverings of B16 and Francis. Yes I include B16.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Gaudium et Spes as a "Counter-Syllabus”

“If it is desirable to offer a diagnosis of the text [Gaudium et Spes] as a whole, we might say that (in conjunction with the texts on religious liberty and world religions) it is a revision of the Syllabus of Pius IX, a kind of countersyllabus.” Principles of Catholic Theology 1987.