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Thursday, August 4, 2022

We Can't Cut Bishop Burbidge Any More Slack: The Latin Mass Crackdown is Brutal and Cruel!

The new Bishop Burbidge segregation:
Latin Mass Catholics to the left, NO Catholics to the right!

Claire Chretien pegs it with an article at LifeSiteNews that is crystal clear. 

What is happening in Arlington is, indeed, brutal, cruel, and advances an agenda that masquerades as "unity" while it segregates traditional Catholics from the parish. Is the bishop worried that traditionalists will pollute the churches and the other parishioners? 

Folks, it's time to cut off the money -- not only to the bishop but to the parishes. You have already donated millions of dollars over the years that have been doled out to victims of sex abuse and their lawyers. You've donated to build churches you now aren't allowed to use. We have returned to the era of Civil Rights when lunch counters, drinking fountains, movie theaters, beaches, etc. were designated "whites only." The new untouchables are traditional Catholics banned from the parishes unless they kiss Traditionis Custodes and embrace it as infallible doctrine.

The Novus Ordo (Cranmer's Mass) is being used as the bludgeon to herd everyone into the modern church of anything goes. What will be on the chopping block next? The doctrine against contraception appears to be in the sites of the Pontifical Academy for Life. 

Modernism rules!

The Dictatorship of Relativism is on the papal throne! Pope Benedict warned about it; we are seeing the results.

Cruel and unusual punishment!

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