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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Guest Post: Words Have Meaning that Lead to Consequences

By Fr. Tom Collins

Do you believe that God, Who sent His only begotten Son to be born of a woman, 
created the first man in the womb of a reasonless ape?

Over the past half century, I have noted a tendency to increasingly embrace secular premises and language in order to understand and convey the sacred and transformative truths of our Faith. One example of this is the use of the word, evolution, in order to describe the dynamic of development in Creation and in the human community. The problem with this term is that it is impersonal. It views such development as based on dynamics of power and survival. And it is supported by appeals for people to seek to be “on the right side of history”(e.g., those aligning with Hitler and Tojo in late 1941). It also leads souls not only to value expediency over integrity, but also to view morality merely as a matter of becoming more adept at adapting to and adopting the prevalent social norms of the moment (e.g., the #Me-too craze).

Thus it is that such a premise is in complete opposition to the teachings and example of Christ. Note the many martyrs, who, over the centuries, sacrificed their lives in order to uphold their personal integrity and the integrity of truth. According to the prevalent premises of evolution, such people are to be viewed as fools, who refused to properly adapt to the demands of their current circumstances.

Thus it is that an accurate term to describe human development would not be evolution, but evocation. This is so since any authentically human progress must be in response to God’s redemptive and regenerative initiative in graciously and perpetually calling us to participate more intimately in His life, love, compassion, mercy and truth. Any human development, which is not in harmony with this call, is ultimately counterproductive, if not outright destructive to both souls and society.

Words do have meaning – and consequences. Thus failure to conscientiously embrace both sacred premises and sacred language to convey sacred truths will only lead to the degradation and desecration of humanity - and thus ongoing frustration and failure in the Church’s evangelization of the world. As Jesus Himself pointed out, new wine needs to be put in new wineskins (Matt 9:17).


Unknown said...

I agree with Tom and will point out one large secular (I’ll prove wrong) belief in the Big Bang.
My best knowledge is this theory was developed by Catholic priest named Georges Lemaître.
We all generally understand the concept and we all have believed it to be not only a rational explanation, but one that fits in with Biblical creation.
What if the Big Bang is proved wrong?
There are so many Christians and Jews who embrace it as proof of the third sentence in the Bible that it’s overthrow would lorikeet cause many to consider the Bible as wrong and abandon faith.
Well the bing band is wrong and there is now proof. This proof is in the shadows of academia because it’s truth would halt the trillions of dollars going to find dark matter (which is a fiction). Gravitational theory cosmology (main stream cosmology) is wrong…
One of the supposive proof sets of the Big Bang is the discovery of the universal background noise by Bell labs who were turning their antennas in 1964 and found this signal everywhere they pointed their antenna to space. They called it background radation left over from the big bang. To cut to the chase, Dr. Luc Robataille has video discussing how this noise is ground noise error and bell labs, who thought the tuned out this noise, really did and could not.
Proof set 1 is disproved.
Another proof set is the expansion of the universe. But if you dig into this you will find that acceleration of the universe is inferred and estimated, not truly measured. There is more and more proof coming out that it is indeed untethered to science.
Proof-set 2 in question.
The gravitational theory of cosmology is wrong and if you dig into why dark matter and black holes are theorized you will find they are essentially constants added to their gravitational equations to make the motion of the galaxies fit.
Gravitation calcs work well in our solar system where electromagnetic forces are dormant. Look into the electric universe at The Thunderbolts Project and you will learn why they are onto the right theory of cosmology…
In summary, Big Bang is wrong and it’s looking like the universe may be a Taurus (a donut shaped object) with no identifiable beginning and no identifiable end….
Certainly planets, stars and galaxies are made and destroyed. Let there be light is part of (and subject to) a universe that has no beginning and no end, as far as our science can evaluate (it will never be proved by science).

Chairman of the Bored said...

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!

OK, henceforth I'll take this article to heart.
It's excellent.

I just had to get that last one out of my system.

Anonymous said...

The last monkey to man cartoon I saw had the man turn into a transgender something or other.

Unknown was right, the red-shift in stars is ASSUMED to be an expansion. This assumed expansion is assumed to have an initial cause. Thus two assumptions are the Big Bang truth for mankind. Now every other explosion in history separates matter, but according to their double assumption is their third assumption, that in this explosion things came together.

Now if the stars are expanding remember Copernicus said in his book De Revolutionibus that in a geocentric universe with the stars turning around the heavens they would expand.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Mick Jagger,

The link you left was bad and did not go to Dom Gueranger. Please try again, I'm interested to see what he wrote.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

We begin today with a lesson taken from the ABE Ministry * Primer; (Against Basically Everything)

Some believe their progenitors were Gorillas in the mist
Some believe in life from nothing; we call them atheists.
Others trust the Bible; they believe Genesis is not a myth,
While boxers with broken teeth threaten others with their fyths

The great Dom Prosper Gueranger writing in The Liturgical Year for Monday within the Octave of the Ascension observes:

"Add to this joy these heavenly spirits must have experienced at seeing the immense multitude that accompanied Jesus from earth to heaven. These, according to their respective merits, were divided among the various choirs, and placed on thrones left vacant by the fallen angels. Their bodies are not yet united to their souls, but is not their flesh already glorified in that of Jesus?

When the time fixed for the general resurrection comes, the trumpet of the great archangel will be heard and then these happy souls will again put on their ancient vesture, the mortal made immortal.

Then will the holy angels, with fraternal enthusiasm, recognise in Adam's features a likeness of Jesus, and in Eve a likeness of Mary, and the the resemblance will even be greater than it was when our first parents were innocent and happy in the garden of Eden."

Put that in your materialistic pipe and smoke it.

Macro Evolution? Produce a scientist who can explain to Ol' Mick how it is two animals can copulate and produce an offspring possessing one or more organs neither copulating animal possessed and then I might listen...