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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A Message from Church Militant, But Don't Look for it On Their Website!

UPDATE: The statement is now linked on the home page. Christine Niles has also released a video about her own resignation. Michael Voris' has released a video on X. In the midst of all this, Simon Rafe has sent out a message asking for...guess what...more money. As long as Simon, author of the Darknight game, is involved with CM, I'm outta there. Keep everyone in prayer, but spend your money wisely on apostolates that are really saving souls.

Michael Voris is out at Church Militant for "breaching the....morality clause.

Editor's note: Michael Voris, founder of Church Militant and chief scandal monger has resigned over "morality issues." Regular readers are aware of our longstanding concerns over Church Militant, their dishonesty and tabloid journalism.

Personally, I do not see Michael Voris and his "morality" issues as the only problem as you can see from our sidebar where we expose some of the on-going dishonesty of the organization. I urge readers to use caution with them. I prefer to avoid them altogether at this point. Their modus operandi is scandal mongering and they don't mind lying and using questionable sources.

I went to see what they said about it on their website. Surprise! I couldn't find one word. Going to their main page you find a "GIVE US MONEY" video which has always been their top priority. Putting a message on the front page about Michael''s scandal would no doubt suppress their fundraising. So much for their vaunted "being fully transparent with you all" claim. Are we surprised? Sweep their own scandal under the rug and move on. What's particularly interesting is that the Vortex for yesterday, November 20th featured....get ready....Michael Voris. Not only that, but today's Vortex is an episode from The One True Faith (a premium show) with this promo: "Michael calls on Catholics to demand accountability from treasonous teachers while challenging their erroneous actions and teachings."

This is what Church Militant calls transparency? You cannot trust Church Militant!

It's interesting that an organization that has reveled in reporting the lurid details of other people's scandals has decided "not to disclose Michael's private matters." I agree; I don't want to know what they are. Maybe Church Militant should choose that as their default position going forward. They have no problem destroying the reputations of others even when their "evidence" is biased.

And now....from Church Militant:

Church Militant Statement on Departure of Michael Voris.

Fellow Catholics,

Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media was founded as a bastion of Catholic truth and a light to the faithful in hard times. This is why we are being fully transparent with you all.

Michael Voris has been asked to resign for breaching the Church Militant morality clause. The board has accepted his resignation.

We understand this is a shock to you all [It wasn't a shock to me!] but our founder and former CEO is stepping aside and focusing on his personal health.

The Board of Directors has chosen not to disclose Michael’s private matters to the public. [That's good. Maybe you should be a little more charitable to others you are so busy attacking, particularly the SSPX, tarring all their priests with the actions of a few. BTW, the SSPX is NOT in schism!] The apostolate will be praying for him, and we kindly ask you to do the same. [Of course!]

Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media is just as positioned to save souls as it ever has been. [Really? Name one!] There are more than 40 full-time employees on the cutting edge of Catholic truth [questionable] moving forward with renewed fervor.

The apostolate will remain unwavering in its reporting and its commentary — defending Holy Mother Church from errors both inside and out. [God preserve us from their way of reporting.]

We appreciate your continued support and prayers. [Prayers -- yes; financial support -- not on your life!]

God love you,

Church Militant


  1. So - is Simon Rafe going to take over now?!!! 😂

  2. I'm not a fan of the exposé style and harsh tones of Church Militant, but I certainly will not be the shaking his finger at Mr. Voris or anyone else. I sincerely hope Mr. Voris finds some peace amidst his current struggle and applaud Church Militant for being truthful about what happened in their organization and sensitive to Mr. Voris' Right to Privacy. Now we will see who revels in this sad situation and finds joy in the suffering of others.

  3. As of 6:30 PM EST, the official statement is up on CM's website. I find myself with mixed feelings. I loathe what Voris has become with his attacks on Trads and especially the SSPX, but years ago before he went down that road he was very helpful to me at a time when I was newly reverted to the Faith. I can't help but think that the "money bags" from Texas was behind some of Voris's straying so badly against faithful, traditional Catholicism.

  4. I totally agree, Elizanna. I supported them at the beginning as well and even wrote articles and was interviewed by Voris. But things went terribly downhill after they lost their first studio. Money (Terry Carroll) seemed to have a serious negative impact. Susan and I wrote about some of it and our articles are on the sidebar of the blog. They were very dishonest. Christine Niles acted like they didn't even know who Carroll was and he was listed on their tax papers as serving on the Board of Directors. They can't be trusted. And isn't it interesting that you have to look for the announcement. It should be on their entrance page.

  5. Good riddance and the same for Christine Niles who was apparently also terminated a few weeks ago. Mary Ann said it all here so I don't have anything else to add other than three points...

    1. Think twice before going after the Traditional Latin Mass (SSPX) and don't even think about going after the Prayer Warriors of the Church (Carmelites). I think this played a BIG part in "church militant's" downfall.

    2. I'm going to echo what several people have already written including the wonderful lady, whoever she is, at Dymphna's Road Blog... Lay people should not be making a living off the Church and especially not in the type of tabloid-style trash method Voris, Niles and company chose to pursue. I could name a few others but I won't. Let's just say that any lay person with a website or podcast asking for donations right and left is not worth your time. Turn them off and immerse yourself in the Sacred Scriptures or the writings of the saints. Give your money to the Church and might I suggest the Carmelites and the SSPX.

    3. Last but not lest, as much as I do not like Mr. Voris and Mrs. Niles (intentional Mrs. instead of Ms.), I will pray for them. I sincerely hope they use this time to truly go away, make a good confession and spend the rest of their days in humility. May God grant them this grace.

  6. I was forwarded Voris’ twitter/X video last night and was not impressed. It was a narcissistic, attempted tear-jerker all about him, him, him and how he’s under attack by demons. He showed NO remorse and did not apologize to the many people whose lives he tried to destroy and put into near financial ruin by his frivolous lawsuits. I saw Christine Nile’s video this morning. Equally as narcissistic. She started off saying she would not trash Voris and then proceeded to do just that. Like her former friend, she did not apologize nor show one iota of remorse for the destruction she personally caused so many laity as well as consecrated religious. Her turning on Voris should be a warning to all that it’s important to watch the company we keep. There are no friends in hell, not that I wish that for their future (I certainly don’t). Both Voris and Nile’s called on viewers to continue $upport for church militant. I hope instead that the few remaining seriously Catholic employees there get new jobs and what’s left dies in bankruptcy. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  7. Mr. Voris's homosexuality is what lead to his downfall. He should've quit six years ago when he outed himself. Instead, he doubled down, and claimed he was the victim of a conspiracy to expose him. His arrogance about his so-called mission wouldn't allow him to step down. And sadly, his egotism deceived him into sin again. I hope that the pain he's feeling now will drive him into repentance, not deeper sin.

  8. This is a post that should never have been.

  9. "Christine Niles acted like they didn't even know who Carroll was and he was listed on their tax papers as serving on the Board of Directors."

    B4 she went to Church Militant, Niles had a radio program that featured at least five episodes (of 65)m 30, 37, 40, 44 and 49 "Open Mic Night" co-hosting w/Terry Carroll and Fr. Fisher; at least one mentions Carroll as being Executive Producer at ChurchMilitant.TV, .

    Join Christine Niles, co-host Terry Carroll, and Fr. John Fisher Saturday night to talk about current events and all manner of happenings in the Church and in the world. We'd love to hear from YOU! Add your voice to the chat room or call to sound off (NO topic is off the table!): (646) 716-4669.

    Christine Niles is joined by the feisty Fr. John Fisher, host of the hit show ROMANUS CONTRA MUNDUM, and Terry Carroll, Executive Producer at ChurchMilitant.TV, for frank commentary on all manner of happenings in the Church and the world. Please join us, and add your voice in the chat room or call in to the show! (646) 716-4669.

    Think not so much moral principles which I'm sure everyone there including the board knew about (remember when he took up with milo), but money and a lawsuit.

    "Sources have said since that Rafe, too, is out at Church Militant."

  10. Mary Ann - the SSPX is in MATERIAL schism. This is in written documentation by Pope JPII, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis. Cardinal Burke has also confirmed this. Although Bishop Schneider thinks they should not be in material schism, the authoritative Magisterium has never changed the SSPX’s non-canonical status.

    1. Care to share links or sources for this "written documentation"? I took a look but couldn't find it.

      And it's not only Bp Schneider who says the SSPX aren't schismatic:

      Two Vatican dicasteries that specifically deal with schismatic groups have NOT been dealing with the SSPX -- one of them, the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, in 1994 -- said the SSPX situation is an "internal matter within the Church."

      They wouldn't be an "internal matter" if they were in schism!

      Pope Francis decreed in 2016 that SSPX priests can hear confessions -- all confessions, not just in emergencies. Not a permission he would grant to a schismatic group.

      The government of Argentina recognizes the SSPX as a legitimately Catholic entity. Such a recognition requires, by Argentine law, a letter of approval from the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Which was granted in 2015.

      Are we to believe the Archbishop of one of the largest archdioceses in the world is directly welcoming schism into his territory?

      I could go on and on, but this would get too long. Bottom line: If the SSPX truly were in schism, it would have been point-blank declared by the Vatican, and there would be near-universal acceptance of it by the Church hierarchy. But neither of those two situations is the reality.

      So, the case that the SSPX are in schism is doubtful at best. And the innocent-until-proven guilty principle, which applies in the Church as well as in secular life, favors the SSPX here. They are not in schism.