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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Infant Mortality Rate Up for the First Time in 20 Years! Couldn't possibly be the Death Jab!

Time to just say no to the snake oil salesmen!

Infant mortality rose in 2022 for the first time in two decades

Surprise, surprise. Infant mortality is up. 


Well, of course it's because of limited access to abortion and not being able to kill those handicapped babies before birth. What a tragedy, eh! Better to murder them in the womb than allow a natural death.

And then there was the reduced access to medical care because of COVID. 


On the other hand some doctor's who specialize in difficult pregnancies saw a major increase in complications among their jabbed patients who were receiving regular care. 

What's the elephant in the room? 

The death vax, of course. 

They're pushing it bigtime on moms and their babies in the womb. What a pregnant woman gets, her baby gets. But that doesn't stop the federal death peddlers. 

CDC wants pregnant women to get 4 vaccines – more and more women are saying ‘no’

Listen to an expert quoted in the article:
Medical experts interviewed by The Defender criticized the CDC’s recommendations and its report on vaccine hesitancy.

One of those experts, Dr. James Thorp, a Florida physician, board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology who has practiced obstetrics for more than 42 years, urged more women to say no to COVID-19 vaccines, in particular, which he called “an abomination of science and an abomination of a corrupted health care system.”

By continuing to push dangerous mRNA COVID-19 vaccines on pregnant women, Thorp said, the CDC is breaking the “golden rule” of pregnancy.

“The golden rule of pregnancy is you don’t ever, ever use a novel substance in pregnancy, ever,” he said. “And you don’t have to be a physician or nurse, you don’t have to have any education, to know that.”

Corrupt abomination is right, but there's money to be made selling their snake oil.  Who cares if the snake oil is contaminated?

DNA Contamination in Pfizer Shots Could Transfer From Pregnant Mom to Fetus, Experts Suggest

Is the CDC protecting pregnant women and their babies? Are you kidding? From the article:
...if we had a CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] scientist on this call who would defend that, ‘Yes, it was the right thing to do to give this vaccine to pregnant women’ — what argument could they possibly use in light of what you just said?” Kirsch asked. [about the contamination of the vaccine crossing from mother to baby]

McKernan pointed out the $400 million royalty payment Moderna made to the National Institutes of Health and other researchers from the sale of their mRNA vaccine means they are conflicted organizations.

“They’re getting directly funded by the companies they regulate,” he said. “So none of those are going to come to the table and give us an honest answer. They’re going to come and say, ‘Safe and effective’ and ‘The virus is really dangerous.’”...
Bingo! Love of money is the root of all evils. How many Big Pharma companies hit the jackpot with their death vaxes?  All of them!

And there's proof that the coverup was deliberate:
Perhaps most alarming are revelations suggesting Pfizer intentionally hid the presence of the SV40 promoter from regulators. This deception implicates Pfizer in actively covering up a significant contamination issue with foreseeable risks.

The smoking gun is from Pfizer documents provided to regulators detailing the plasmid DNA sequence used to manufacture its vaccine. Pfizer omitted any label or mention of the SV40 region in the diagrams it submitted. Yet the raw DNA sequence data it submitted contained the SV40 promoter.

The expert panel highlighted this selective annotation as clear evidence of intentional concealment, not an accidental oversight.
Money was the motivator and, like the hired killers in abortion businesses, these folks were willing to hide the dangers to protect the bottom line. People died while they counted their greenbacks.

We haven't seen the end of this, that's for sure. These killers may never be brought to justice here, but there is another court of justice no one can escape. 

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  1. Money is important to them, as are orders from above and refusal to put people in one's care ahead of one's own interest, like not being ostracized and/or fired. "Do no harm" is just a forgotten proposition.