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Friday, November 3, 2023

Know the Enemy in Your Own Camp!

When my sons were teens and attending Catholic high school, I told them that just because someone is wearing a roman collar (or a habit for that matter), it doesn't mean that he (or she) is telling you the truth. The boys went to Bishop Ireton in Alexandria, a pricey institution that required serious family sacrifices. Sad to say, not only was I fighting abortion sidewalk counseling at the abortion business next door, but I was fighting with the principal and some of the teachers over abortion. Not once did I ever see any attempt by the Ireton community to oppose the killing within a stone's throw of the Tabernacle! 

In fact, the political science teacher was working for one of the most pro-abortion Democrats in politics, Jim Moran. Once, in an obvious move to court publicity, the school invited Moran, who was mayor of Alexandria at the time (later a congressman), to present a check to a local homeless shelter. 

Why do I say it was purely political? 

Because the shelter was private and had absolutely nothing to do with the city of Alexandria or Jim Moran. The award came at the end of Mass. Moran, a professed Catholic, waltzed into Mass late accompanied by a smiling member of the administration nodding and waving like a celebrity. At least he didn't stop to kiss any babies.

I had met with the principal previous to this sideshow and told him a group of pro-life parents would be giving out a letter before Mass which we did. Some accepted it gratefully. Others scowled and wrinkled it into a ball and threw it at us. So much for the value of the little future high school students.

My husband and I were sitting in the bleachers during Mass adjacent to the row where Moran was sitting. I was right behind Moran at Communion and received immediately after him. The principal would not look me in the eye. When I received the Blood of Christ from one of the other priests, he rested his hand on my head in blessing. I went back to my seat weeping for the unborn babies whose lives mattered so little and for the scandal to the born students whose souls apparently mattered little as well.

At least Moran was a formal member of the evil party, the known enemy outside. But today, we have many Moran clones among the party that professes to be pro-life. Want to know who some of these judases are? Read this:

GOP Senators Attack Tuberville’s Pro-Life Stand, Defend ‘Woke’ Biden Military Nominees

Tuberville is a courageous senator who deserves our thanks and support for his principled stand against the murder of babies and his refusal to cave in to the woke Democrat agenda, unlike so many spineless RINOs. I urge you to send him a brief note, even a postcard, thanking him for his principled stand for a military that considers it a badge of honor and proof of their military preparedness to create pregnancy uniforms.

God help us and save us from the RINOs, especially those who call themselves Christians and pro-life.

Rember this! Just because someone is wearing an elephant lapel pin, doesn't mean he's telling the truth. Those who call themselves pro-life while they advance the pro-abortion agenda of the Left, are liars who deserve to be outed for the Judases they are!

Here's Senetaor Tommy Tuberville's address:

B40A Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Phone Number:(202) 224-4124
Email Address:Email Form
Website:Official Website

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