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Thursday, November 2, 2023

Do You Believe Anything Target Tells You?

A bushel of rotten tomatoes for Target!
I stopped shopping at Target years ago. 

When they started letting men who play dress up use the women's bathrooms and changing rooms, it simply confirmed my suspicions that they couldn't care less about the safety of women and children. Now they want me to believe that Target cares about the safety of their employees. 

Target CEO Defends Pulling LGBT Products After Customer Backlash

Customers weren't too happy about Target's pride merchandise (even in children's departments) last June which included swimsuits with "tuck pockets" to hide the male appendage. A significant backlash ensued with Target experiencing a situation similar to Bud Lite's. So they pulled some of the merchandise which, of course, brought a backlash from the LGBTQ+ community. 

Let's face it. Nobody is happy at the Madhatter's Tea Party.

Trying to quell the commotion, Target's CEO, Brian Cornell, now claims that their employees were in danger and felt unsafe because of those opposed to their support for sodomy. He's wringing his hands over the mean folks opposing Target's woke policies. In fact, he's never seen anything like it. his employees are afraid to come to work because of the "aggressive behavior" of some customers.


Guess we'll have to take his word for it. Somehow I'm guessing the "aggressive behavior" is people complaining. Maybe Target hires the same folks who fear for their lives because someone wrote "Trump" on the sidewalk with chalk. Bet they're selling lots of coloring books and teddy bears.

I'd like to see these claims of "aggressive behavior" backed up with some videos. Talk is cheap and many of those advancing the LGBTQ agenda are liars. We've seen the grifters go after anyone who disagrees with them. We saw Nathan Phillips stalk Nick Sandmann so he could claim discrimination. We've seen the lies about the January 6th protestors, many of whom were invited into the Capitol only to be accused later of "insurrection" for doing nothing more than walking the halls of the "people's building."

Do I trust Target CEO Brian Cornell to tell the truth? No! Why should I? A man who is willing to embrace the lie that men can be women and women can be men is a liar at worst and delusional at best. He's turned his store into a woke experiment and his customers into lab rats. 

My cynical self says he's trying to prevent the same economic disaster that pushed Bud Light over the cliff. They haven't recovered yet and may never (one hopes).

The only thing I want to target Target's logo with these days is a bushel of rotten tomatoes!

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