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Friday, November 10, 2023

The Barbarian Invasion Has Engulfed Us!

The Roman Republic for many hundreds of years seemed invincible. They civilized the known world and built a thriving culture. 

What happened? 

The republic fell to tyranny and, as the tyrants became more and more corrupt, the filth from within eroded the earlier culture which espoused the "Roman Way" based on the natural virtues. These were divided into personal virtues and public virtues. What were they?

The personal virtues:

Comitas"Humour" Ease of manner, courtesy, openness, and friendliness.

Clementia"Mercy" Mildness and gentleness.

Dignitas"Dignity" A sense of self-worth, personal pride. 
This is what we're told today constitutes "personal pride" and "self-worth.
Every pride parade is a barbarian freak show.
Firmitas"Tenacity" Strength of mind, the ability to stick to one's purpose.

Frugalitas"Frugalness" Economy and simplicity of style, without being miserly.

Gravitas"Gravity" A sense of the importance of the matter at hand, responsibility and earnestness.

Honestas"Respectibility" The image that one presents as a respectable member of society.

Humanitas"Humanity" Refinement, civilization, learning, and being cultured.

Industria"Industriousness" Hard work.

Pietas"Dutifulness" More than religious piety; a respect for the natural order socially, politically, and religiously. Includes the ideas of patriotism and devotion to others.

Prudentia"Prudence" Foresight, wisdom, and personal discretion.

Salubritas"Wholesomeness" Health and cleanliness.

Severitas"Sternness" Gravity, self-control.

Veritas"Truthfulness" Honesty in dealing with others.

How many of those virtues do we see espoused today in personal dress and behavior?  

And then there were the public virtues. Some of them overlapped with the private virtues. The Romans often minted them on their coins to remind the citizens of their importance:

Abundantia"Abundance, Plenty" The ideal of there being enough food and prosperity for all segments of society.

Aequitas"Equity" Fair dealing both within government and among the people.

Bonus Eventus"Good fortune" Rememberance of important positive events.

Clementia"Clemency" Mercy, shown to other nations.

Concordia"Concord" Harmony among the Roman people, and also between Rome and other nations.
BLM/Antifa riots show exactly how much "concord" there is among our citizens.
Felicitas"Happiness, prosperity" A celebration of the best aspects of Roman society.

Fides"Confidence" Good faith in all commercial and governmental dealings.

Fortuna"Fortune" An acknowledgement of positive events.

Genius"Spirit of Rome" Acknowledgement of the combined spirit of Rome, and its people.

Hilaritas"Mirth, rejoicing" An expression of happy times.

Iustitia"Justice" As expressed by sensible laws and governance.
Do we see justice applied equally? Or are Democrats,
like the Clinton and Biden families, more equal than others?
Laetitia"Joy, Gladness" The celebration of thanksgiving, often of the resolution of crisis.

Liberalitas"Liberality" Generous giving.

Libertas"Freedom" A virtue which has been subsequently aspired to by all cultures.

Nobilitas"Noblility" Noble action within the public sphere.

Ops"Wealth" Acknowledgement of the prosperity of the Roman world.

Patientia"Endurance, Patience" The ability to weather storms and crisis.

Pax"Peace" A celebration of peace among society and between nations.

Pietas"Piety, Dutifulness" People paying honor to the gods.

Providentia"Providence, Fortethought" The ability of Roman society to survive trials and manifest a greater destiny.

Pudicitia"Modesty, Chastity." A public expression which belies the accusation of "moral corruptness" in ancient Rome.

Salus"Safety" Concern for public health and wellfare.

Securitas"Confidence, Security" Brought by peace and efficient governance.

Spes"Hope" Especially during times of difficulty.

Uberitas"Fertility" Particularly concerning agriculture.

Virtus"Courage" Especially of leaders within society and government.

More and more our people are becoming barbarians like the late Roman Empire as it introduced barbarian mercenaries into the military and allowed their infiltration.

Today we have become the new barbarians ruled by feelings and self interest, willing to loot and murder, even the most innocent among us. Ohio's favorable vote on Tuesday to enshrine abortion up to birth in their constitution and gut the rights of parents illustrates exactly how barbaric our people have become. It does not bode well for the future.

America (and the world) needs conversion. Let us pray that our country returns to God. At present we resemble the Roman empire at its worst. God help us if we fail to repent and turn back to our creator.

O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine.

This is the article that spurred this post. Yes, indeed, many Americans have become barbarians. Let us pray not to be among them, but to sow the truth which is the antidote to the barbarian bacillus.  We live among barbarians!


  1. I think the number of true barbarians is actually still miniscule, but the ubiquitous media puts a huge magnifying glass over them. What has increased exponentially is the number of people living lives of habitual mortal sin (contraception, and other sins of the flesh), and are therefore weak and stupid. Being weak and stupid, they put up little to no resistance to the barbarians, and often even welcome them, because the media says they should. But on the street, you meet very few barbarians, except in a few especially barbaric places, I suppose.

    So, it's fair to say that we live in a barbaric time, even though the vast majority of people are not barbarians in the true sense of the word. That's my working hypothesis, anyways.

  2. Just wait until the millions of barbarian hordes that have been "welcomed" into Europe for the last decade as Muslim warriors start their conquering of Europe. Look at what's happening in Spain right now. The Spanish have taken to the streets with "Spain is a Christian country, not Muslim!" What was Europe thinking when they opened the gates? Peace and co-existence?

    As for America, everyday here in Florida I see young girls dressed in what formerly was considered underwear but now is "fashion". Their naked bottoms hang out from their tight shorts, their breasts are visible under thin cloth, and most of them have several tattoos.

    More than one time at work I've taken young female employees aside and told them (nicely) that using the "f" word as an adjective before every single noun - and other vulgar language - was poor behavior reflecting badly upon themselves, not at all appealing or attractive and that they needed to stop if they wanted to be seen as a reasonable human being.

  3. I read the article by the msgr. but neither he nor you acknowledge that we are among the barbarians. He cites the Cleveland newspaper for backing off on opposing Issue One but he never mentions the Catholics who were proponents of Issue One in Ohio nor disputes their figures that the majority of Catholics support abortion.

    "Catholics for Choice is blanketing the Buckeye State with more than 30 billboards across Ohio, including in its seven largest metropolitan areas. The signs read "63% of Catholics support legal abortion in all or most cases" and "Pro-Choice Catholics: You Are Not Alone" and tell them to "Vote YES on Issue 1." They will make nearly 9 million impressions between now and Election Day on November 7."

    Does anyone know what the Catholic Vote was on Issue 1? WP gives the evangelical vote (also interesting contrast between old vs young and seems no category of "no college" - wondering if no college opposed so they grouped them w/'some' college).

    Seems the entire Catholic press from those who are outright apostate to those who consider themselves to be doing 'opus dei' all are doing their best to deflect the spotlight away from themselves and their bishops led in Ohio by Schnurr. But Catholics are to examine their own conscience first. Your msgr would do well to form the conscience of his own flock rather than demonstrate "the pathetic state of intellectual culture in the city newspaper."

    "Schnurr (one of Pio Laghi & USCCB's boys) organized the 1993 World Youth Day[5] in Denver, Colorado. He was raised by the Vatican to the rank of prelate of honor in 1993 as well, and elected general secretary of the USCCB in 1994.[3],1917

    Mother Angelica World youth day 1993 rant: "stations of the cross depicted our Lord as a woman" - one said it was a man, one said it was an it, one said it was a woman because they will be ordained...

  4. Unknown,

    I would have posted your comment except for your disrespect to the Blessed Mother.