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Saturday, November 11, 2023

The Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea

Visual meaning of "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free"
In short, it means genocide of Jews

Internet sewers have broken open flowing filth across the world with Jew-hatred and love of radical Islam. Do any of the thousands of pro-Palestinian brain-washed university students know a thing about radical Islam other than the left's white-washed version? Do they know they support beheading and cold blooded murder of Jewish people, rape and torture of Jewish captives? Do they know of Islam's motto: We love death more than you love life? Have they a clue of the meaning of what they lustily chant day after day - From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free, or are they merely ignorant? In a recent video, a female news anchor didn't know that Gaza and the West Bank are two different areas! She had to be corrected by the Israeli President.

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free means all the land from the Jordan River on the east side of Israel to Israel's western border of the Mediterranean Sea. From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is all of Israel. Brainwashed students chant for the eradication of Israel and genocide of the Jewish people living there.

There is no historical or geographical awareness with these university students and leftists.

Islamic belief is that lands conquered by Muslims and once under Muslim control will be Muslim land forever. It doesn't matter if an opposing army goes back in to repossess their original land and they retake it, Islamic belief is that that land is still theirs even if it was only for 5 years, and it's mandatory to fight to get it back from the "occupiers" even though the land belonged to the "occupiers" first.

For instance, the al-Aqsa Mosque sits on top of the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Obviously the Jews were there thousands of years before Islam conquered the city in 637 AD and plopped their mosque on top of the Temple Mount as a symbol of humiliation for Jews. 

Muslims believe that the Temple Mount is theirs alone since that's where Muhammad successfully glided to a landing one dark night after he physically flew there, launched from Mecca on his winged white donkey which had the face of a woman. The white donkey's name was Buraq. Muhammad tied Buraq to a ring conveniently placed in a rock on the Temple Mount and went up to heaven, guided by Gibril the Genie, passing through the outlandishly described Seven Heavens of Islam.

During his heavenly ascension Muhammad met the White Rooster Angel whose comb on top of his head grazed the foot of Allah's celestial throne. Its wings were large enough to envelop both heaven and earth and its feet were covered with emeralds and pearls...or something. How much more psychedelically hallucinogenic can a person get? Muhammed must have been imbibing mescaline in Kool Aid before bedtime. Yet, this is Islamic belief.

Directly on the other side of the Wailing Wall and over in a corner is a smaller mosque on the Temple Mount called the al-Buraq Mosque where, you guessed it, Muhammad tied his winged riding animal to a metal ring which is still there, to see for proof, just in case you don't believe a word of what Muhammad said. 

Sorry, I got carried away from the point I was trying to make.

Continuing on...

Muslim belief is that if an Islamic land is occupied then Muslims must declare jihad and kill people until the land is "liberated from the occupiers". Therefore since the entire Middle East was under the control of the Ottoman Empire from 1259, when they conquered Christian lands, to 1924, Islam thinks what is now Israeli real estate is rightfully theirs, even though Jews occupied the land 2000 years before Islam existed. 

Palestinians say that at a certain point if the Jews have been gone for such a long time, they forego their right to return and are interlopers...occupiers since 1948 and evil colonial settlers. It's a "before and after game" and no one can sit and talk about living together because of inherent Islamic beliefs.

Hamas and leftists refer to Jews as Zionists. The goal of the Zionist Movement was to provide a country for the Jews, bringing them back to their historic homeland. It was to be a place of refuge, a place they could live, especially after the opening of concentration camps after WWII and the world seeing the  horror within.

Hamas uses word replacement by saying they're not against all Jews, just "Zionists" - evil occupiers, colonial settlers. Jews say that they should have at least one place of refuge, a country of their own where they feel safe, a place where they can return to when threatened.

While this basic "land dispute" is religious for Islam, it's existential for Jews.


  1. No one is innocent on either side…

  2. Dear Les Femmes,
    I am as opposed to Islamic violence and domination as you are; but since I greatly appreciate your work and your bold Catholic heart, I wanted to hopefully enlighten you a bit more on the complex nuances of situation over in Israel.

    The key thing to realize is that today's Jews are not at all just simple believers of the Old Testament and followers of Moses; they have no temple and no sacrifice, because their religion was fulfilled by Christ and the Catholic Church. Instead, the Jews are in fact followers of the Talmud and the blasphemous commentaries of various rabbis over the centuries that are found within. They are, to be blunt, following the "religion" of the Pharisees who opposed Christ unto His death.

    In this capacity they have directly opposed Christ in His Church by whatever means necessary, right from when they bribed the guards to lie about the Resurrection (Mt 28:12-14). The glorious history of the building of Christendom is paralleled by the constant pressure of financial and moral treachery toward Christians by the Jews living in their midst, which is the reason so many nations eventually were compelled to expel them.

    But their treachery continued wherever they went, and especially after the Middle Ages they amassed such wealth and influence as to be major players in the gradual breakdown of Christendom from the Protestant Revolution forward. Today the world is at the end game of this process: a global, secularized, materialistic hegemony of organizations and corporations run at the top by Jews and their cooperators. In this they seek what their Talmud promises will bring their "messiah": the complete subjection of all the "goyim" to Jewish "rule". Sounds like the biggest conspiracy theory, right? Well, the best way to hide the truth is to make the truth sound like the biggest lie ever, hiding in plain sight.

    So then to prepare for the building of their "temple" where their "messiah" (viz., the AntiChrist) will be enthroned, they had to have the state of Israel. So their cooperators in Britain, USA, etc., "legitimized" the Jews' arbitrary expulsion of the Palestinians who had lived their for many centuries. And the same Western nations continue to pour money into Israel so they can maintain this arbitrary hegemony over that land. Can one wonder why the Palestinians are upset?? Of course, none of this legitimizes murder and violence from anyone; yet so many seem to think it's "ok" for the Jews to keep murdering Palestinians, too.

    But don't take just my word on all this. The best source I've found for the history of this situation is "The Plot Against the Church", which is thoroughly documented from both Catholic and Jewish sources. A real eye-opener, please consider studying this with an open mind:

    In print:

    Thanks for listening, and God bless you!

  3. thomaejacobi,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I know that there's no Jewish temple, no Jewish sacrifice, etc., today as you stated, as well as the history of Jews in Christendom.

    However, the hatred between the Palestinians and Jews, which predated Christ and Christianity, is an ancient hatred originated between Hagar/Ishmael and Sarah/Isaac....between Muslims and Jews, Islam and Judaism...the two monotheistic religions (they don't consider Christianity monotheistic because of the Holy Trinity....worshipping Jesus they consider idol worship).

    History in a nanosecond - Muslims are descendants of Ishmael who, 600 years after the death of Christ fell for the satanic religion of Islam which was founded by Jibril the angel (Satan disguised) and given to Muhammed...Islam vs Judaism, a religion founded by evil vs a religion from God.

    Just as Abraham chose Sarah and Isaac because of God's covenant, I'll side with Judaism over Islam, Israelis over Palestinians, Israel over Gaza. Christianity came 2000 years later.

    God bless you also! and again thank you for your reply.

  4. "However, the hatred between the Palestinians and Jews, which predated Christ and Christianity, is an ancient hatred originated between Hagar/Ishmael and Sarah/Isaac."

    Where do you get this information? From Protestants? From Jews?

    "While this basic "land dispute" is religious for Islam, it's existential for Jews."

    It's religious for Jews too. Jews are living ("existing") all around the world--they don't need to live in Palestine. The Jews (European people) claim GOD gave them this land (that's a religious rationale), but the actual semites are the Palestinians. Since all the first apostles and disciples (and they were in the thousands after Pentecost and dispersed all over the Roman Empire including Antioch and Rome) were Jews seems their Christian descendants (good luck determining who they are - like I said above those calling themselves Jews today are mostly European) have as much right to Israel/Palestine as those who rejected the Messiah. It seems you are mindlessly spouting Jewish/Jewish bought Protestant evangelical 'end times' propaganda/nonsense.

  5. deny that Ishmael hated Isaac? That the descendants of Ishmael have continued to despise Jews?

  6. Read "To Rebuild...or not to try?" by Father Stanley Jaki. The Jews tried to rebuild the Temple in early Church times, and spectacularly failed. They can't because Christ has replaced the Temple. Then read Salvation is from the Jews, by Jewish convert to Catholicism Roy Schoemann. He explains that the point is, the Jews will eventually convert in end times....God has His eye on them still, in a special way.

  7. "The Godly thing to do is to kill you" - this isn't a Muslim. This is a Jewish person speaking to a Christian in Israel.

    In Catholic theology, i.e. St. Paul, Ishmael is Israel, the son of the bondswoman, who is fettered to the law. While Christians are the descendants of Abraham who was saved by faith before the law.

    "Christianity: Hagar with Ishmael. Christian Köhler (1809-1861)
    See also: Hagar in Christian tradition and Isaac in the New Testament
    In the book of Galatians (4:21–31), Paul uses the incident to symbolize the two covenants the old but fulfilled and new covenant which is universal by promise through Jesus Christ.[1] In Galatians 4:28–31,[31] Hagar is associated with the Sinai covenant, while Sarah is associated with the covenant of grace into which her son Isaac enters.[32]

    Some Christians believe that God fulfills his promises to Ishmael today by blessing the Ishmaelites with oil[33] and political strength.[34]"

    You can read the Bible verses and also read the Jewish view which is the one to call Ishmael 'wicked.' The Muslim interpretation doesn't mention Isaac or how they are to feel about Jews. It is actually Jewish people always running around saying everyone is hating them, for instance, over this 30+ day bombing/war/demolition derby where they've killed 11,000+ people half of whom are children and wounded and left homeless countless others after being raided by hang gliders and steam shovels for a few hours. They are at "war" with Hamas, but slaughtering civilians. Should that not be criticized? Is it not against the rules of war and the Geneva Conventions? Why does Israel get a free pass to kill Arabs forever because Germans killed Jews over a less than ten year period?

    If any Christian did what the Jew does in the video above we'd be arrested and jailed for a hate crime. You need to take off the blinders.

  8. Dear Susan,

    I'm late making another reply here; and I see "anonymous" has made some observations with which I would concur. The point is, the modern Jew and the state of Israel do not deserve, and are not worthy of, our political or monetary support; but only of our earnest prayers.

    You're absolutely correct that God divided Ishmael from Isaac and the "the promise"; and yes, on the natural level, this divide can be seen in the conflict between Muslim and Jew. However, once Christ fulfilled all of the Old Covenant, "the promise" transferred entirely from the Jews to the Catholic Church. The Jews no longer have any role to play in salvation history other than to convert to the Catholic Church. As "anonymous" pointed out, St Paul and the Church Fathers saw Ishmael as a figure of the Jews, "bound" under the law; and Isaac as the figure of the Christians, children of the promise, and "free" in the grace of Christ.

    So it is a grave mistake to view the Jews as somehow "favored by God" in some way in the present age. They had their favor, but then lost it completely when they rejected their Messiah. Now they cultivate their victimhood status to make sure no one questions their motives or machinations. None of this justifies violence against them from Muslims or anyone else; but neither does it justify the Jews' complete hegemony over world politics and economics. Pray vehemently for their conversion!

    Thanks for listening, and God bless you!

  9. Sounds as if you know nothing of Islam while at the same time think Jews deserve what they get, i.e., anti-Semitism. On the natural level this is a fight between Ishmael and Isaac that predates Christianity by 2000 years.

  10. Jews control the media, the publishing industry and pretty much everything else and this is all easily documented. What we know of the struggle in the Middle East is also controlled by them. You owe it to yourself to invest the time into learning about both sides. Read the Protocols and the Talmud and see what is written about Christ and his Blessed mother Mary. Read what they do to Christians…..what is considered legitimate behavior for them while living among followers of Jesus. You obviously have no idea of what is behind all this and once you see through the lies, you will understand.