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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

We Need Our Faith with Skin On. The aesthetics, music, and reverence prepare us for the reality: THE REAL PRESENCE!


This video is really worth watching. I found his point about our "incarnational sense" absolutely on target. We need our faith with skin on. Here's a bit of what he said beginning with what he, as a former Protestant, felt was a big problem: 
....a lack of incarnational sense....The physical, the externals, matter a great deal.....We respond to outside stimuli....(example of bad neighborhood vs. good neighborhood)....Likewise in the spiritual life if you are going to Mass and it's a terrible experience there is a chance you will leave....[The externals] help prepare us for receiving Jesus Christ.

I totally sympathize with people leaving the faith. But I always quote the admonition of St. Francis de Sales that those who scandalize others and damage their faith commit spiritual murder, but those that allow scandal to damage their faith commit spiritual suicide.

Too many Novus Ordo parishes are schools for scandal. Woe to the false shepherds. There is a reckoning coming for them. Pray for the shepherds! 


  1. To find the Roman Catholic faith, look to where it is persecuted for one thing. The false church is after the Traditional Latin Mass once more. Attend the Holy Sacrifice at a FSSP or Christ the King parish and you will see the reverence and the seriousness about the practice of the faith. You will see families and true teachings and joy as well.

  2. Ceci n'est pas une pope.