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Sunday, November 12, 2023

In This St. Athanasius Moment, Please Pray for Bishop Joseph Strickland


Bishop Joseph Strickland is well-named. Among our many feckless bishops he stands out as a just man who defends his flock from the wolves. 

And now?

The wolves have come for him, but like St. Athanasius who was driven from his own see, Bishop Strickland will no doubt refuse to be silenced. He was ordained in the line of the apostles and has shown his fearlessness in the face of persecution. May we all show the same kind of courage as we face the wolves. They aren't just after good bishops, they are after all of us who love the truth and persevere in the faith of our father!

The bishop says he would do the same thing again. God bless him and may he continue to be the voice of truth for the flock. 


  1. Statement from Archbishop Vigano on the dismissal of Bishop Joseph Strickland

    The removal of His Excellency Archbishop Joseph Strickland, especially after the failure to ambush him with the Apostolic Visitation, appears as a cowardly form of authoritarianism, which in no way fits with Bergoglio’s rants about “welcoming” and “inclusiveness.”

    Seeing the sacrilegious and perverted Marco Rupnik incardinated in the Diocese of Capodistria, or Bishop Michael Olson still in office despite the petition of the faithful of Fort Worth following his abuses and scandalous behavior with the Carmelite Sisters of Arlington, while one of the few faithful Bishops is persecuted and kicked out for no reason shows us in all its arrogance the tyranny of the Argentine Jesuit.

    A tyranny that is even more scandalous to the faithful due to the fact that the majority of the Pastors are silent out of cowardice or complicity.

    This affair will reveal who stands with the true Church of Christ and who chooses to stand with His declared enemies. To remain silent and endure this umpteenth violation of the most basic principles of justice and truth is to make oneself complicit with a subverter.

  2. Statement from Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the dismissal of Bishop Joseph Strickland

    “The one charge which is now sure to secure severe punishment is the careful keeping of the traditions of the Fathers.” These words of St. Basil (Ep. 243) can most aptly illustrate the deposition of the Bishop of Tyler, Texas, U.S.A., His Excellency Joseph E. Strickland.
    We are witnessing a blatant injustice towards a bishop who did his duty in preaching and defending with parrhesia the immutable Catholic faith and morals and in promoting the sacredness of the liturgy, especially in the immemorial traditional rite of the Mass.

    All understand, and even the declared enemies of this Confessor Bishop, that the accusations brought against him are ultimately insubstantial and disproportionate and were used as a welcome opportunity to silence an uncomfortable prophetic voice within the Church.

    What happened to the bishops during the Arian crisis in the 4th century, who were deposed and exiled only because they intrepidly preached the traditional Catholic Faith, is again happening in our day.

    At the same time several bishops, who publicly support heresy, liturgical abuses, gender ideology and openly invite their priests to “bless” same-sex couples, are not in the least importuned or sanctioned by the Holy See.

    Bishop Strickland will probably go down in history as an “Athanasius of the Church in the USA,” who however, unlike St. Athanasius, is not persecuted by the secular power, but incredibly by the Pope himself. It seems that a kind of “purge” of bishops, who are faithful to the immutable Catholic Faith and the Apostolic discipline, and which has been going on already for some time, has reached now a decisive phase.

    May the sacrifice, which Our Lord asked from Bishop Strickland, bear plenty of spiritual fruits for time and eternity. Bishop Strickland and other faithful bishops, who were already asked to resign, who are currently marginalized or who will be the next in the row, should say in all sincerity to Pope Francis:

    Holy Father, why are you persecuting and beating us? We tried to do what all holy Popes asked us to do? With fraternal love we offer the sacrifice of this kind of persecution and exile for the salvation of your soul and for the good state of the Holy Roman Church. Indeed, we are your best friends, Most Holy Father!

    + Athanasius Schneider, Auxiliary Bishop of Saint Mary in Astana

  3. Bishop Coffey supports Bishop Strickland: