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Thursday, February 4, 2010

More USCCB scandals: High Ranking USCCB Officials Shill for Pro-Abort Democrats

The USCCB has become a mouthpiece for the party of death. They support groups that actively support positions in total contadiction of Catholic teaching. They have enabled and promoted the enemies of the Church. If you want to look at the 2008 audit of the USCCB go here.  You'll be amazed to see not only how much money the organization rakes in from diocesan collections and diocesan assessments, but how much they get from the government. So who is the USCCB serving? God or Caesar? It seems pretty clear from their actions.


Ray Schneider said...
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Ray Schneider said...

This continues to be disgraceful. Faithful Catholics should withhold contributions until the bishops can show they are not diverting money to these kinds of causes.

It is simply outrageous. The shepherds are simply wolves in sheep's clothing.

The faithful ones should pull out of the organization and start their own separate and faithful organization.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

By the way, save that report to your own computers (it's just a pdf) so that you have the information, should it (ahem!) "mysteriously" be removed from the USCCB site.