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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Constitutional Government Begins with the States!

Most Americans don't know or understand the history of the Republic. They are willing to let the federal government usurp the rights of the states despite the fact that it was THE STATES that wrote the Constitution and put into place its amendments to restrict the powers of the federal government. The founders worried about abuse by a strong central government. (Remember, they were fighting the powers of absolute monarchy.) That's why they were so careful to include checks and balances in the Constitution. They would be appalled today at all the huge departments in Washington, D.C. usurping so many states' rights.

In Virginia, a local state senator illustrated recently his flawed understanding of the relationship between Washington, D.C. and the states. Senator Dick Saslaw voted no in committee on the senate version of a bill already passed by the House of Delegates, HB 10, to forbid Congress from mandating that Virginians purchase health insurance. Saslaw in an almost unbelievable witness to his ignorance of the Constitution said, “You’re telling me that we’re going to tell Congress what to do? Congress can do whatever it wants.”

No, Mr. Saslaw, Congress may not do "whatever it wants." The federal government has only the authority to make laws about a limited number of items. The rest are reserved to the states and to the people. Read the doc! Congress, especially under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, may THINK it can do whatever it wants, but the Constitution specifically forbids it. That's why liberals work so hard to stuff the courts with judicial activists who will run roughshod over the rights of the states and the people protected by the Constitution. And that, Virginia, is why the tea party movement is growing and flourishing. Read more about Saslaw's ignorant outburst here....

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