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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Of Dinosaurs, Mocking Birds, and Grandchildren

Why are children so fascinated by dinosaurs? My five-year-old granddaughter brought me a clear plastic ball this morning with a miniature dinosaur inside it and asked me what it was. She wasn't satisfied with "a dinosaur;" she knew that already. She wanted to know what kind of dinosaur it was. That led us to the computer and a website for kids with dozens of dinosaurs of all types: plant eaters, raptors, dinosaurs with birds feet or duck-type bills. I never knew there were so many dinosaurs. We spent an interesting fifteen minutes checking out a few before she decided she had other important business and wandered off.  

While we were looking at the dinosaurs a mocking bird dropped by on the holly bush outside the window and started eating the small red berries growing on it. I never saw one eat before. They never come to my bird feeder. Sunflower seed must not be on their menu. This little fellow stayed for two or three minutes popping berries and I loved seeing him up close. Mocking birds are a favorite of mine. They are the town crier of the bird world. They fly to a rooftop or a high branch and chortle in all their various calls as if to share all the daily news. They fascinate me. And I love to see them fly with their wonderful white band across their tailfeathers and wings.

My birdfeeders are always filled with a wide assortment of birds. Some are shy like the little brown wren; some are bullies like the blue jay, but all of them are fun to watch and can entertain my grandchildren even longer than the dinosaurs on the computer.

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Anonymous said...

And, these birds are the descendants of the dinosaurs!