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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Public School Pimps Kids; Parents Protest

How do you expand the sexual activity of high school kids? Let them know it's the norm and ask them leading questions about what puts them "in the mood." How many youngsters will have an incurable venereal disease before they graduate from high school? Chlamydia, one of the leading causes of infertility, is epidemic among teenagers. Hey, that makes the population controllers happy. The more infertility the fewer little polluters populating the planet. One of the ways the elitists control the population is through out-of-control passions. Read Brave New World. Drugs and sex were the primary means to keep the masses under subjugation. Wake up, America!

Survey Asks Students when they lost their virginity


Missy said...


Jobsearch said...

Sometimes I would think that maybe it’s better for my child to be home school rather than going to a real schools.

Traineeship said...

This is a very alarming situation between the school the parents and the kids/students. WAKE UPA EVERYONE!