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Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Woman Dead from LEGAL Abortion

The pro-aborts told us legalizing abortion would make it safe and rare. Well, it's legal, but it sure isn't rare and it's not safe either. Legal abortion kills babies almost all the time, kills women sometimes, and maims women physically and emotionally most of the time. I blogged recently about the little shop of horrors in Philadelphia. Here's another in New York.  Alexandra Nuñez made her choice and it killed her. Most abortionists kill and move on. The women are just collateral damage on the way to the bank. Because the abortion industry fights even minimal health regulations, most of the time the killers get away with it. And you won't find 60 Minutes or MSNBC probing the dirty underbelly of the abortion business or calling for laws to protect women from the unscrupulous. The only thing they're interested in protecting is the sacrament of abortion. It's the women and men hurt by abortion who are starting to speak out. If you know someone thinking about an abortion, speak up. Silence indicates consent. It can kill. Share the message of life and love. Women in challenging situations are not alone. There's caring and compassionate help available. Encourage women to choose an outcome both they and their babies can live with.


OperationCounterstrike said...

In other news, on the same day, thousands of high-quality abortion docs did thousands of successful, uneventful abortions for thousands of grateful patients.

Mary Ann said...

Right...what's a couple of hundred dead women and countless others maimed?

And the really important thing is all the male partners are off the hook because they could take their recyclable sex babe down to the mill and wash their hands of an 18-year financial liability. Whew!

Abortion has always been supported more by men than women. It's the perfect out for a male chauvinist pig.

Bob Marshall has 258 peer reviewed articles on his website documenting the medical complications from legal abortion. But I agree that abortion is safe for you.