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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops' track record for liberalism is intact

Apparently the U.S. bishops' conference has learned little or nothing from the recent scandals over the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and other issues promoting Democratic party politics. And now the bishops' mouthpiece announces they will support the health care bill if....

What's the if? According to Politico, "The Roman Catholic bishops signaled Thursday that if agreement is reached with House leaders on anti-abortion language, the church would work to get the votes needed to protect the provisions in the Senate — and thereby advance the shared goal with Democrats of health care reform." Read more here...

So let's get this straight. The federal government by this bill will take over about 18% of the U.S. economy. The bill mandates all kinds of draconian rules that affect doctors' relationships with their patients and limits the freedom of Americans with regard to choosing their own health care. It threatens seniors who will not be protected by abortion provisions. It will certainly be more expensive and require higher taxes.

If that's not enough reason for concern, the bill directly violates the Catholic principle of subsidiarity and is one more giant step toward socialism.

So the USSCB's reputation for being totally committed to the Democratic party continues. They gave us the Obama administration and have diverted massive amounts of money to aid and abet the culture of death. This latest position on health care is completely consistent. Abortion is not the only bad element in the bill and the Church should be actively working to make sure that health care is dealt with at the lowest level possible. Federal government takeovers of every element of our lives is not a Catholic principle!

Michele Bachmann, Congresswoman from Minnesota, has spoken very articulately against the health care legislation and promoted better options that leave the people, not the federal government, in control.


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