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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Advent Music Should Trigger Our Awe Reflex

I've been posting a different Advent hymn every day and most that I've posted inspire me again when I replay them -- except for this one. Every time I listen to it, I like it less. It sounds like elevator music or something from a Sunday mega-church TV choir. I'm posting another version below as an antidote to its sugary sweetness. When the long-expected Jesus comes again he won't be accompanied by the Pillsbury Doughboy at His side. He will arrive surrounded by light accompanied by Michael the Archangel and his very big sword. Jesus will inspire "fear of the Lord" in the sense of awe among all those who see Him. They won't be swaying in Kumbaya style. They will fall to their knees either in reverent awe (the sheep) or terrifying fear (the goats). Which will you be?

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a boys's choir. curly haired and straight haired, blonde haired and raven haired and those in between, high voices and low voices, so much like angels at least for a moment in time.