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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Commentary from the Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Tragedies Like Connecticut Do Not Occur in Israel 

Yesterday's tragedy in Connecticut left us all breathless as we mourned with the families of the innocent children along with the school faculty who were gunned down by an evil murderer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the dozens of families who have empty beds in their homes tonight as a result of the evil which has impacted their lives. As a person who has friends who were impacted by the shooting at Virginia Tech, these incidents anger me greatly. They anger me because they do not have to occur. Look at Israel, for example. Israel never has school shootings, while an average of twenty mass shootings occur in America every year. What is the difference? Israel doesn't have "gun-free" zones. Israeli teachers carry firearms and know how to use them. If the four adults who were heartlessly murdered in the principal's office in Connecticut had been allowed to carry concealed firearms they may have been able to stop the killer before he murdered another twenty innocent children. In light of this, VGOC will be seeking a sponsor for a new law which will allow school teachers to carry concealed firearms which would provide a first line of defense in schools before a shooter has the opportunity to murder as many helpless students as we saw yesterday. Stay tuned for more details on our "Students Protection Act" and legislative sponsor developments.

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