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Saturday, December 22, 2012

More about Fr. Luke from Newtown

St. Rose of Lima prayer vigil for victims of chooting
The other day, I blogged about the Newtown, CT parish mourning for so many of the little children killed in the school massacre. I included a letter from the sister of parochial vicar, Fr. Luke, asking for prayers for her brother who has only been ordained a few years. In fact, he was ordained at St. Rose of Lima, the church that will bury many of the children. They are dealing with incredible pain in that parish and evil as well. Following all the publicity the parish received a bomb threat requiring evacuation of the church during last Sunday's noon Mass. The evil one is apparently not happy with a packed church!

There is something so providential about this young priest being there to comfort these families. He was ordained at the parish, an unusual situation since most ordinations occur at the diocesan cathedral. You can read about Fr. Luke's ordination and about his close connections to St. Rose of Lima in this article from the local paper:
Walking Confidently Toward Priesthood, Luke Suarez To Be Ordained At St Rose
And if you would like to send a message of consolation to him and to the pastor, Msgr. Robert Weiss, here is the address again:
St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church
46 Church Hill Rd.
Newtown, CT  06470 
May God bless and sustain all our priests. What a burden of grief they carry for their people. Pray for priests! Pray twice for bishops! Pray unceasingly for the pope!

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Jeannie Holler said...

I will certainly do this ..send a letter of prayer and encouragement to each of them!

I have sent on card/letter but how many will send one in a month of this tragedy and who will send in 6months or year from the date...I plan too , it is that important ..because the whole world is weeping for thes crimes and the evil that is sweeping our country !