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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Egypt's Arab Spring followed by Hellish Sharia Summer

Remember all the hype about the Arab Spring when Mubarak was kicked out and the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi took over? Obama, the king of hope and change had this to say at the time, “We saw in those protestors the moral force of non-violence that has lit the world from Deli to Warsaw, from Selma and South Africa. And we knew that change had come to Egypt and to the Arab world." Well, it looks like the change is a move to a radical Islamic state where Sharia law, not the U.S. idea of democracy, will prevail. You know...the kind of law that cuts off people hands for theft, beheads women for fornication, etc. Wow!

Seems all that hope and change isn't working out so well after all. The administration is doing a bang up job of destabilizing the Middle East. And we're about to send these guys 16 F-15 fighter jets - these to a man who has publicly declared he wants to "kill the Jews."

World War III anyone?

Morsi Declares Martial Law in Egypt

Morsi transforms Arab Spring into Egyptian nightmare


Anonymous said...

World War III was started when they ran the planes into the towers on 9/11. I said as much at the time. I also told a friend before that, when I found out we were training Muslim Arab pilots, "Some day they are going to use it against us. We should not be teaching them." Stupid Americans! No wonder the Democratic Party is called the Party of Death, and many Muslims have taken over that party, and the Republican Party is the Stupid Party. Will we ever wake up?????? Some in this country want a caliphate, plain and simple.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Won't Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton look cute in Burkas and all those Hollywood liberals and Sandra Fluke? We won't even be able to see the surprised look on their faces.