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Friday, December 7, 2012

Smoking is Baaaaad....Unless it's Marijauna

Ya just gotta laugh! You know how baaaaad smoking is for you. Just ask liberals who have done everything short of criminalizing tobacco: banning it in restaurants and bars, taxing it up the kazoo, creating no-smoking zones around certain establishments, declaring smoke-free campuses, etc.

Well, I'm not a smoker and I hate the noxious stuff. I smile to remember our oldest at five seeing someone smoking and saying, "Smoking is so bad for you!" We trained our kids early and, while a few played with cigarettes a bit, none of them is a smoker today.

Having said that, however,
I think restaurants and bars should be allowed to create their own policies on smoking sans government meddling. I've left restaurants that were too smoky for an enjoyable lunch, but I never told the owner he had to change his policy to accommodate MY desires. He just couldn't count on me as a customer. But what gives the government the right to decide for everybody? That's one place where the free market works. If people want a place to smoke, they will patronize; if they don't, they won't.

Now we have the delightful idiocy of all smoking being bad...except for marijuana. And instead of the policy being "go outside to smoke;" it's "go inside to smoke." I wonder if we will now see coffee houses cropping up in Washington state and Colorado that cater to weed smokers -- you know -- like the old opium dens. Wouldn't that be a laugh! Tobacco baaaaaad; marijuana good -- goooood ---goooooood --- mmmmmmm.

You can read about "hempfest" in Washington State here. Do you suppose liberals will be out screaming about the damaging effects of marijuana smoking. Don't hold your breath -- unless you've got a lung full of weed.

As for the health impact of marijuana, go here. You have to be stupid to use the stuff.

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Adrienne said...

And let's not forget the war being ramped up against electronic cigarettes. As always - follow the money.