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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Rejoice! Your Savior is Born. Hosanna in the Highest!

Wishing You and Your Family a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Murillo's Adoration of the Shepherds

Art teaches theology. Notice the light in this painting. It comes from the babe. He is wrapped in pure white like an infant clothed in the white garment of baptism. Everyone in the portrait is leaning toward Jesus in silent adoration their faces filled with reverence and awe and  reflecting back the glow of the baby who is the Light of the World. Even the ox is focused on the event as if to represent all creation bowing at the coming of the Savior. After the baby and Mary, the brightest image in the portrait is the lamb reminding the viewer that Jesus is the lamb of God called to be slain. The kneeling shepherd, in fact, wears the fleece of a slain lamb which reminds me that we are called to "put on Christ." If I had to choose one virtue illustrated by Murillo it would be humility. Our Savior coming as a tiny baby, Mary wrapping him in the humble garments she's made for him, the profoundly humble body positions of Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds Their humility teaches how we should approach the King of King and Lord of Lords - on our knees in adoration.

1 comment:

Jeannie Holler said...

On Our Knees in ADORATION....

That is the way I will receive Him on my knees ...and on my tongue!

Beautiful post and a Blessed New Year filled with Our Jesus !