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Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm Sick of the Gun Control Gang

I received this from an internet friend whose son is a highway patrolman. Think of how different things would have been during these mass shooting sprees if somebody had been armed and trained. 


Anonymous said...

When I worked as an instructional assistant at public schools, we could not even have a pocket knife. We had to open large boxes of books with our keys. That was just ridiculous, and I think you are right that the gun free and knife free zones, even for employees, have helped cause the problem. If they are not going to let principals and teachers have guns and knives, then they need to have security guards that are armed; otherwise children and employees of schools remain "sitting ducks".

Jen C said...

WHAT?! How can you advocate having weapons in a school with children? How would a shootout between a "trained" teacher and a psychopath be positive in any way? Who exactly is going to pay for arming and training our education professionals in the use of automatic weapons? Should each teacher keep a loaded gun in the classroom? You, madam, are a part of the problem. When the Second Amendment was written, guns were single or double shots and most were 5 feet long and carried over your shoulder. The authors of the constitution had no foresight of a world when someone can fire 20 or 30 or 50 shots without having to reload. The only purpose for such weapons is to KILL HUMAN BEINGS. I would think that someone who professes to be pro-life would be against the manufacture of such devices. Pro-life? Hardly. Shame on you.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

A "shootout" as you call it might have saved those little children. How exactly would that NOT be positive? Your solution appears to be disarming everyone ensures that the children and their teachers are sitting ducks.

As I see it there are three alternatives: 1) armed guards at every school and metal detectors at every entrance, 2)training certain office staff and teachers as on-site first responders, 3) maintaining the sitting duck status.

Gun control guarantees that only those who won't obey laws anyway will have guns to terrorize the law-abiding.

I hate the thought of killing anyone, but self-defense is a human right, and while I might be willing not to defend my own life, I have no doubt I would defend the lives of my grandbabies even to the use of lethal force. That is, indeed, pro-life.