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Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Storm Clouds of Persecution Gather

My parents talked about the want ads they saw growing up saying, "Irish need not apply." And of course the history of Jim Crow laws and segregation is a well-known part of our history. But if you think persecution and civil rights violations have disappeared, reflect on the increasing discrimination against people of faith who refuse to bow to the immoral spirit of the age. Employment doors, more and more are slamming in the face of Catholics and other Christians who refuse to cooperate with intrinsic evil. The latest "Catholics need not apply" assault is in the state of of Maine. In November the state approved same-sex "marriage" and is mandating that notary republics who perform marriages may not refuse to perform same-sex ceremonies for any reason. According to LifeSiteNews:
any notary public who performs marriages may not refuse to perform a same-sex “marriage” for any reason, upon pain of being charged with a human rights violation, according to Maine’s secretary of state.
 After legalizing same-sex “marriage” in November, Maine in now notifying notaries public who wed heterosexual couples they must provide the same services to homosexuals as of December 29. Secretary of State Charles Summers Jr. made the comment in response to an e-mail query. 
They may choose not to perform weddings, but they may not wed only heterosexuals, regardless of their religious objections. Under Maine’s human rights ordinance, refusal is considered a human rights violation.There are approximately 25,000 notaries public in the state, licensed by the bureau of corporations, elections, and commissions.
Consider the situation of a Catholic priest who is also a notary.

The clouds of persecution continue to gather.

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Anita Moore said...

I know it's easy for me to say this from the safe distance of the Pacific Northwest, but I hope somebody challenges this blatantly unconstitutional law, either by bringing suit or by refusing to witness a gay "marriage" and then allowing himself to be prosecuted under it -- even if there is no hope of prevailing. The obvious goal is to purge the Catholic presence from public life; if driven out we must be, we ought to go out with as much noise and hassle as possible. Sometimes it is necessary to fight, even if we can't win.