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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Who Are the Book Banners?

Liberals demanding censorship. Ya just gotta laugh at their blatant hypocrisy. They criticize conservatives for fighting pornography. They, you see, are broadminded and conservatives are prudes. But depicting a traditional family -- horrors -- that must be banned. And of course they also want to rewrite and purge books of (check all applicable) male pronouns, non-inclusive language, all offensive terms including "niggardly," depiction of the nuclear family, mention of God or faith, pictures of Christmas trees, crosses, crucifixes (unless submerged in urine), images of Our Lady (unless covered in elephant dung or dressed in a bikini)...well, you get the idea.  And here's the latest
from the European Union. They are soooo tolerant and appreciative of diversity as long as its perversely diverse.

Ban children’s books depicting traditional families: ‘gender stereotyping’ says EU report:
"The UK’s Daily Mail reported that, were the draft report’s recommendations to be implemented, it would mean banning most traditional English children’s literature, including works which have become literary classics like Paddington Bear, Peter Pan, and Enid Blyton’s Famous Five stories....Joseph Salerno, editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, wrote that the report’s proposals are plainly an example of left-wing totalitarianism. 
“'These people are not just announcing their intentions to attack the family unit, but to ban by force any mention of it. It’s a little bit like trying to legislate away gravity,' Salerno said.

"While the report’s recommendations are not expected to be turned into law any time soon, he said, it does 'amply illustrate the darkness at the center of the EU experiment, snuffing out human decency the way a black hole supposedly sucks heat out of the galaxy'”.
So get a head start on the book burners by purging your bookshelves of the following:

Anne of Green Gables series which shows the nuclear family and home making in a positive light.
Most of Charles Dickens - too many women in traditional roles
Beatrix Potter
Alice in wonderland
Charlotte's Web
Cheaper by the Dozen
Beverly Cleary books
Little House books
Little Women and Little Men
All of Jane Austen

Well, you get the idea. It's important that children should understand the "new normal." Meanwhile, keep liberals away from your library. Just give them the Sunday funnies and a match.


Old Bob said...

Right on the money, as always!

Ray Schneider said...

We sink further into the slime each day. The father of lies must be quite satisfied. He's made such great inroads he may soon be able to appear in the form of an angel of light and once more take the position he holds as the arch archon of this the Silent Planet. He will be worshiped as a god, the ultimate irony of his temptation in the garden, "you shall be like gods."

Except instead of knowing good and evil we find ourselves saturated in evil to the extent that it is no longer recognized. Pleasure is the ultimate good and we kill the children. Satan was a murderer from the beginning.