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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bring Back the Communion Rails! Amen.

A deacon calls for a return to reverent reception of the Eucharist. I couldn't agree more. But don't wait. If you are receiving in the hand consider a return to Communion on the tongue. It is a graphic reminder of our dependence on God. Who gets fed in our culture? Babies, the sick, and the elderly and one other group - lovers feed one another. Remember the cake at the wedding reception? It is a sign of intimacy between lovers. We stand before God completely dependent on him for everything, for the next breath we take. He loves us personally and knows us inside out. I guarantee if you begin receiving on the tongue, you will be blessed by it. God is never outdone in generosity and making yourself humble before Him will not go unnoticed. We can't bring back the Communion rails as individuals, but we can increase the reverence we have toward the Eucharist.

One other thing - reception on the tongue is the way the Church prefers you to receive. Did you know that? Be little before the God who comes to you in the Eucharist. Imitate His humility by letting yourself be fed.


  1. I started receiving Our Lord Jesus on the tongue about 1 year life has changed . I actully took it much further, I returned to the Tridintine Mass and I am happy I did ...the reverence and AWE is solemn and breath takingly BEAUTIFUL , now I go to the Communion rail , kneel down and receive MY JESUS on the tongue ...what a privilege !

  2. Here's the problem. The Church prefers you receive on the tongue, but the bishops certainly don't make that clear--and children are being encouraged in RCIA and CCD classes to receive in the hand. Sad!

    This show from EWTN debunks all the myths about receiving in the hand.