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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shocking Obama Scenario....Will Military Fire on Americans?

According to this video interview with Dr. James Garrow, Obama is creating a litmus test for military leaders. They must be willing to order troops to fire on Americans or be purged. In his second inaugural speech, Garrow says, Obama dropped all pretense of moderation in favor of collectivism"Now what you are seeing are the beginning signs of a despot. What he did in that speech is remarkable because he threw aside all the niceties and proclaimed very clearly that he was a progressive socialist....I think you no longer have a warning of what he could be, you now have full in-your-face a declaration of what he is."

Note the information about China in the video. The Obama administration is exchanging our debt for Chinese rights to American resources. Read about it here. Bush blocked it, Obama welcomes it. Why, when we import so much energy are we selling our resources to the Chinese? To keep Chinese money rolling in to fuel Obama's massive spending.

One other thing that makes this seem feasible is the massive ammo buy by government agencies. Back in March 2012, the Department of Homeland Security bought 450 MILLION rounds of .40 hollow point ammunition, a type of bullet banned for use in international warfare. Since then, they've stockpiled even more. Check it out. So what exactly does DHS plan to do with all this ammo and who will be the targets?

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Al Henneberry said...

I might be tempted to fire on some American, if he even is American.