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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Does a Government Empower the People?

Require all law abiding citizens to own and be trained in the use of firearms. Some communities have done it and crime plummets.

For more eye-opening data go to Gun Control Dictator Style. To see the way gun control laws are unfairly prosecuted by a "justice" system that peeks out from under the blindfold to treat elitists differently from the ordinary citizens who do the real work in our society check out this article. Meet the Press reporters who interview presidents get a pass when it comes to ignoring laws they want imposed on the rest of us. And that reminds me of that hypocrite Post columnist Carl Rowan who shilled for gun control but used an illegal weapon on some teenagers skinny-dipping in his pool. He actually was brought to trial but got off because of a hung jury.

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Anonymous said...

This is by far the best commentary we have read concernign Gun control. Thank you for printing it.