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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fox Features The Following -- Serial Killers and Excessive Violence

TV insanity continues. It's not enough that we have real life mass killings, we need a show about serial killers that gives us all the violent, gory details. Two thumbs down to Fox for giving this monstrosity life. Putting these violent images in the imagination gives the devil fuel for his poisonous temptations. How can anyone claim that this has no impact and yet companies spend billions on advertising? This is advertising for serial killers even if the good guys win. And how many people, young people particularly, will be influenced by it?  

Contact Fox and politely urge them to ditch this program. It is an insult to the victims of mass killers. When you look at their real-life backgrounds, you often find violent video games and movies. See here and here. The Sandy Hook killer lived in a violent virtual world. So did the Columbine killers. And we still hear liberals claiming they have no impact? Get real! 

Parents, keep your kids away from this show and prudent adults would be wise not to watch as well. Think about it. What would happen if Hollywood made a movie or TV series and nobody came?

Send a polite letter to Fox asking them to ditch this horrible program!

Mr Peter Rice
Fox Broadcasting Company
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035


Jeannie Holler said...

The very reason why I longer have TV my dear friends !
It is the evil tool of the enemy and it tears families apart and NOW with all it violence it makes be CRAZY and they go on shooting sprees. Get rid of your TV's and spend more time in prayer on your knees !

Dolorosa said...

Hollywood churns out so many violent movies that it's easy to see their evil agenda and also the TV is satan's box. It and Porn are used to destroy souls. No wonder little Jacinta of Fatima saw souls going into Hell like snowflakes!

SNAPPS said...

I can’t wait to watch more of The Following and I love the violence and how it follows serial killers. I didn’t think I would care much for the show but after the first episode I knew I wanted more. I’m a huge fan of primetime and I enjoy watching all my shows when I’m not working. The hardest thing’s trying to get them all recorded with a few DVRs. That was a nightmare until I upgraded to the DISH Hopper DVR from my employer DISH. Now I get this and more recorded using my PrimeTime Anytime, which records all four major networks every night on one TV. I always hated having to deal with time conflicts and multiple recordings. This feature takes care of that mess and lets me enjoy all my shows without any hassle.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Wow, SNAPPS, I hope you spend plenty of time in prayer. Putting all those violent images in your imagination isn't healthy. I'm adding you to my rosary list.