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Friday, January 25, 2013

The New Civil War: States Rights in the Feds' Crosshairs

Well, it's beginning to look like the next civil war will be over the second amendment. Already, state legislatures are either lining up with the Feds to increase gun control and even ban and confiscate guns or they are drawing a line in the sand telling the Feds to butt out. It's a timely fight in view of the draconian gun bill introduced this week by Diane Feinstein.

Here are a few states defending the right to bear arms.

Montana: Firearms Freedom Act passed in 2009

Tennessee: Firearms Freedom Act passed in 2009

WSMV Channel 4

Utah, Alaska, South Dakota, and Idaho have similar laws.

These states are introducing legislation in the current session to protect gun rights:

Wyoming: Second Amendment Protection Act

Texas: H.B. 533 Firearm Protection Act

Missouri: H.B. 170

Sheriffs are also getting into the act saying they will not enforce federal laws that violate the 2nd amendment.

And here's a state-by-state rundown on gun laws.

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