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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Do You Think?

I'm not much for conspiracy theories, but if half the information in this video is true, it sure is strange. Is it true that the parents of the victims weren't allowed to view the bodies which the video claims? I find that hard to believe. Watch for youself. It's a head-shaker, especially the information about facebook pages being set up to collect money before the incident took place. Is the video maker lying? And where were the emergency vehicles? Again - very strange. Lots of inconsistencies. What do you think?


Jeanne Holler said...

I must say I find this alarming but not unbelievable ..becuase we live in SCARY times and the world is filled with questions and evil.
God Have Mercy on the whole world!

Anonymous said...

I am no fool. I see inconsistencies all over the stories being told. I pride myself on being able to confound my comfort level with reality. The event at Sandy Hook was strange--and what makes it stranger is that authorities seem to be ignoring the second shooter that was broadcast over the waves. Every one is also ignoring the fact that these shooters all seemed to have been on psychotropic drugs in one way and another. They seem to be pawns. What Nero did (burn Rome and blame the Christians) seems to be something only attributed to the mentalities of the first century. Are we more civilized than the people in those days, if so then we should never expect such evils to exist now. If we are less civilized, then we should expect evil of such magnitude to abound. Hitler, staged events and called for gun control. Why are we any different. The same country that lies about abortion will have a conscience to be honest when it comes to giving us a narrative on these events? I think not.


Ray Schneider said...

I'm inclined to think that what we're seeing is media confusion due to reporting whatever pops up without corroboration or clarity.

The gun in the car was a shot gun not an AR .223. All the confusion can be explained I think by the fact that such situations are very confusing while things are being sorted out.

I do think that the video provides a lot of disturbing suggestions that the incident is a fraud ... but the question arises "Why should we trust the video any more than the media account?"

Perhaps what is most disturbing is that increasingly we can't trust anything.

The question is where does the truth lie? An awful lot is being based on interpretations of people's behaviors which seem unconvincing to me.

It's troubling that webpages about the incident have dates before the incident but that turns on how the dates are tied to the webpages. That's a technical question that could turn on not having the computer's clocks set properly.

I'm unconvinced. But I am troubled about the matter and I'd like to see some definitive independent coverage. The whole thing smells like all the other "the government did it" spin ups I've seen ranging from a cruise missile into the pentagon to demolition charges place to bring the twin towers down. We have all together too many conspiracy theories that are just insane going around these days and it creates an atmosphere of doubt and suspicion.

It's appropriate to be just as suspicious of the conspiracy theorists as of the media and the government.

Ray Schneider said...

If it's a false flag operation then you have to spin up explanations for all the surround material as well. I'm inclined to think that people are crazy.

Anonymous said...

I think you are falling victim to conspiracy theorists. These people are preying on the families of the killed. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree that it is more likely confusion than conspiracy.

But, that being said, there is no doubt the incident is being shamelessly exploited to push an agenda.