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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ban Baseball Bats!

Okay, folks, it is time to recognize the evil of baseball bats and get them off the streets. Please petition your congressman to introduce a bill banning and confiscating all baseball bats. We also need "baseball bat free zones" around every school in the country. Let's reduce the danger and violence that these weapons represent to our neighborhoods!

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Okiepapist said...

This is great, but it is missing the biggest killer of all. It isn't smoking, and that number is misleading as well, but abortion. There were 1.2 million sacrificed on the altar of sexual libertinism. Camden, NJ and Detroit, MI are not the most dangerous places to be, the mother's womb is.

As someone said, "Today 3500 children were killed and not one tear shed by a politician, no flags at half staff, and not calls for the banning of what killed them"