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Monday, January 7, 2013

Cuccinelli Deals Blow to Overreaching EPA

Two thumbs up for Virginia's Ken Cuccinelli who put the breaks on the tyrants at the EPA who use "environmentalism" as a club. Not this time! His win in federal court means a $300 million savings for Fairfax County. Go, Ken!

Water is not a "pollutant" under the Clean Water Act and is not subject to federal regulation.

You can support Ken for Governor of Virginia by contributing to his campaign. Virginia campaign laws prevent him accepting contributions during the legislative session which starts this week. Last days to give are today and tomorrow. Want to see a strong conservative governor, a pro-life leader in this important state? Donate to Ken's campaign TODAY. Help bring a culture of life and fiscal responsibility back to Virginia. Let's turn Virginia bright red for red-blooded Americans on fire with love for life and patriotic fervor!

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