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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is This What Was Going Through the Mind of the Connecticut Shooter?

Why I Did It....My Way

Bob Pappas' commentary is a pretty chilling scenario of what might have gone through the mind of Adam Lanza before he went on his killing rampage. It is also consistent with what's known about his background as details emerge. My brother, a retired policeman, says he believes our culture creates this kind of monster and that people would be surprised if they knew how many serial killers are on the loose out there. He believes many "missing persons" are the victims. Let's face it, the culture of death creates monsters who kill both literally and figuratively. One of them has developed a video game where players can be Adam Lanza and recreate his actions. Unbelievable, eh? But here is is. Meanwhile, creators of violent video games continue to insist that violent games don't influence anybody. Oh yeah? Think of these games as advertising or virtual training. Does anyone really believe a steady diet of this garbage has no impact on a person, but thirty second ads on the Super Bowl do?

Sin is first conceived in the mind. Studies show that porn users often move on to real life imitation of the rapes and perversions they see on screen. Adam Lanza made evil choices in his mind that influenced his evil actions. That's why the Church teaches us to have "custody of the eyes." Because what we see can definitely influence the choices we make. Pray for our poor, disintegrating country.

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