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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Funny Real-Life Story from My Sister: Gotta Laugh!

I had a "Carol Burnett" ten minutes yesterday that I have to share for a good chuckle--even a rip-roaring laugh AT MY EXPENSE. I am still chuckling-I am easily amused.

I was grocery shopping yesterday at our local store and they had a big special on sodas-12 packs for 4 for ten dollars. So along with many other groceries, I figured I would stock up for two holiday parties with my twelve grandchildren. (Sodas are a treat so I try to get them for big celebrations.)

I purchased 16 cartons and then had to stack then high in my overly full of "stuff" Honda accord. So picture 16 -12 packs of soda in back seat....I have a back door that is not working well (14 year old car) but I had to fit sodas in so I used it and then shut the door.

I pulled out to the roadway (a four lane highway) and saw on my left a ways away an 18 wheeler, so I made the right turn swiftly and "lo and behold" my left rear door flew open and soda cases went bouncing out on the street.

 I pulled over and hopped out and sodas were rolling everywhere.  The 18 wheeler had stopped a few car lengths out and several folks (maybe 6 to 8) came running to scurry and retrieve 40 plus cans of sodas rolling all over the street and my brother's carton of cigarettes.

The retrievers placed the sodas on the side of the street in the recovery and one lovely young African American woman stayed to help me place all the sodas back in my car -cans by cans. I thanked her and asked her  her name . I thought she said Inka. So I told Inka for going the extra mile she was in my prayers all day. She even took the leaking can that was hosing out soda everywhere to the trash can for me.

So for all your "Carol Burnett, Red Skelton and Lucille Ball , keystone cop" moments...say a prayer and give thanks...all of my soda were returned. I only lost two or so in the incident from breakage and went on my merry way laughing at myself all the way home.

I am certain the driver of the truck was laughing out loud with this not so little white-haired lady and her 8 or so "Good Samaritans" scurrying around the roadway to retrieve cans. Now if only someone got a video of this I could send it to America's funniest home video and make a cool $10000 if I won.

BTW I told this story to a number of staff and residents at the nursing home and Hal, one of the residents at the Hebrew Home suggested if it had been cans of Sclitz maybe not so many of them would have been returned. I laughed and so did he.

So give thanks even for the stupid and ridiculous moments in your may even meet an Inka and see the goodness of the Lord. I ,also, want to mention no one honked with impatience nor was their any unkindness in the moment.

 So many people out there are good and generous. Remember that in your daily walk. Many people will rise to the occasion and the moment. So my FLASH mob was a great one !!! I wish I had everyone's names to pray for so I will just pray for all Good Samaritans out there.
Peace and Prayers,

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