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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Post Election Spin is On!

Well, it's over...for now. With the help of Planned Parenthood, Bloomberg, and the National Democrats gushing money into Virginia for negative ads, Cuccinelli lost. And with further help from the RINO establishment and stalking horse Robert Sarvis, the so-called Libertarian funded by leftists to peal off conservative votes, Terry McAuliffe, schmoozer and boozer (and liar) extraordinaire, stole the governor's mansion.

Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh both pointed out how the Brutus GOP establishment helped sink Cuccinelli's chances, one more reason to NEVER EVER vote for a RINO or give to the state or national Republican committees.

Meanwhile, the left spin is on shown in headlines like these:

Media Matters:
Conservative Media Darling Cuccinelli Flames Out In Virginia (Are they kidding? Cuccinelli lost by less than 2.4%. And conservatives outvoted liberals when you consider Sarvis' numbers, 6.6%. Liberals made a good investment when they financed the "Libertarian" to split the vote. Most of those votes would have gone to Cuccinelli for a strong win. The results were hardly a "flame out."
Virginia, Alabama Voter Choices Show Tea Party Declining  No they don't! Of course Bloomberg's reporter spun it that way because that's what they want. They chose people to quote who attacked the Tea Party. But in my own county, Shenandoah, two independent Constitutional conservatives booted out a long-time RINO from the Board of Supervisors, and another RINO declined to run because she saw the writing on the wall. The General Assembly continues its super majority of conservatives in the House and the Senate remains in a close split. It's not over in Virginia, the seedbed of liberty, by a long shot! Four years of McAuliffe is guaranteed to energize the base.
Politicus USA:
Democrat Terry McAuliffe Defeats Tea Party Extremism and Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia   This is the same old liberal mantra. Those who support killing a baby in the 9th month of pregnancy aren't extremists; those who defend their lives are. Those who believe in killing by neglect and define food and water as medical treatment aren't extremists; those who defend the dignity of the aged and handicapped are. Those who want to deny conscience rights to anyone who won't participate in the killing aren't extremists; those who object are. Those who refuse to call anal sex between two men the equivalent of sexual relations between a man and a woman aren't extremists; those who uphold the dignity of traditional marriage are. Those who want big government, big deficits, and taxpayer slaves aren't extremists; those who want limited government are. Terry McAuliffe is a radical of the party of death, what columnist Joe Sobran used to call the "evil party." McAuliffe may have won Virginia, but he sold his soul to do it, not really a good deal in the long run. 
As for the women's vote, Cuccinelli WON among married women 51% to 42%. McAuliffe took the unmarried vote (All the promiscuous Sandra Flukes of Virginia.) which presumably included a lot of college students who tend to be more liberal than their older (and wiser) sisters.

The liberal media keeps trying to make Christie's big win in New Jersey proof that Cuccinelli-type politicians, supported by the Tea Party, can't win. Sorry, but it's apples and spinach. Christie was not targeted by the Dems; their money all went into Virginia. Christie is also the darling of the GOP establishment which supported him as they did not support Ken. And Christie is doing what Republicans with national aspirations have done before him. He's listing left: adopting Gore's ridiculous global warming position, slamming GOP conservatives, and winking at same-sex marriage. So the shock troops left him til later to go after the real conservative, Cuccinelli.

So don't listen to the pundits and don't despair. The map of Virginia is still red despite efforts of the GOP establishment to help the blues. The stupid party loves to alienate its base who are grass roots activists.. The GOP also suffers from insanity. (Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Think Bob Dole...John McCain...Mitt Romney.) At the national level the RINOs seem determined to continue to field Democrat-lite candidates who are ethically challenged and only marginally better than Democrat extremists. It's a losing strategy, but one they follow election after election. So get ready for Hillary in 2016. She'll no doubt be a shoe-in no matter who the "stupid party" (another Sobranism) supports.

And two thumbs up to Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson, and Mark Obenshain (Pray he wins the recount!) You ran ethical races without resorting to the lies that are intrinsic to Democrat strategy and, unfortunately, are effective in the world. When it really matters, however, that strategy fails. A man can't lie his way into heaven. May God bless you all. Thank you for serving God and neighbor.

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