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Monday, November 4, 2013

Obsessing Over the Ridiculous

We all know our culture is sick! I've come to the conclusion that obsessive-compulsive disorder is part of it. How else can one explain the ridiculous attack on the Redskins for their supposedly insensitive and "bigoted" name? We call blacks blacks and whites whites, so what is the big deal about redskins? Would it be offensive to call blacks blackskins and whites whiteskins? I certainly wouldn't be offended. It is simply a description of skin color. One can make a case that the Redskins honor the redskinned warriors who fought tenaciously against an encroaching leviathan.

But a culture that murders "unwanted" babies of any color and starves and dehydrates to death the "unwanted" sick and elderly of all colors needs silly distractions so why not obsess over the name of Washington's team? After all, if you start to think about the real bigotry, black genocide, for example, it might challenge your liberal viewpoint. You might have to fight a real battle instead of a silly, artificial one like the name of a football team, global warming, and protecting the snail darter. 

No doubt liberals will posit that I only feel this way because I'm a white-skinned, racist bigot who has no compassion for the feelings of red-skinned indigenous peoples (or Mother Earth). So be it.

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