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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Conservatism and the Catholic Bishops

Establishment Republicans are good at jumping on the bandwagon blowing all the politically correct whistles. The issue that will ultimately kill conservatism and the Republican Party in this country, one that will destroy the reason people have so long tried to enter America (legally or illegally) is immigration. We need reform yes, but we also need a sensible policy that preserves the Constitutional principles on which the country was founded and allows assimilation of the multi-millions already here.

Phyllis Schlafly explains why our current immigration policies signal the death knell for the Republican party unless they put the skids on immigration. Ironically, our bishops are big boosters for killing conservatism while they pay lip service to certain fundamental moral principles like the right to life. Their policies will hasten America's death and our conversion to socialism. Once we're there (all the way there; we're well on the way) big government will be entrenched and you can forget about any defense for the unborn, the elderly, the middle class, etc. We will all be virtual wage slaves, cogs in big government's machine. Every liberal nightmare policy you can imagine from legalizing polygamy, drugs, active euthanasia, and pederasty (yes, eliminating the age of consent is on the horizon) to criminalizing Christian speech as a hate crime and confiscating guns will pass. You think the government is a monster now, just wait! Oh, and note to the bishops, do you really think the Church will be overlooked? Remember other Catholic countries like Spain and Mexico where the Church experienced bloody martyrdom under socialism!

Thanks, country club Republicans. Thanks, U.S. bishops. Once liberals destroy America we'll never have to worry about immigration again. No one will want to come here! We'll have no jobs, long lines for basic commodities (Remember the Soviet Union?), and anyone who dares to speak out will be an enemy of the state. Can't happen here? Open your eyes; it already is happening.

Hang on to your rosaries and fight -- for yourself and for your children. And please...don't give your liberal diocese any money. If you have a Catholic conference that is supporting liberal legislation or any legislation that is a matter of prudential judgment vs. fundamental Catholic morality, cut them off. What the heck are the Virginia bishops doing taking a position opposing uranium mining? For crying out loud! Pray for your bishop always and everywhere, but if he's involved in nonsense, don't give him a penny! Sadly, most of them are. You have an obligation to support the Church. You can do that in many ways other than filling the coffers in liberal dioceses.

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