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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Real Agenda of the Affordable Care Act? Crucify the Middle Class!

Another accurate assessment from my friend, Fr. Tom!

The truth of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that it was designed as a part of a systematic Democratic agenda to facilitate and implement THE CRUCIFIXION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS by:
 1) forcing employers to cut employees to under 30 hours/week; 
 2) forcing insurers to raise rates and deductibles to a point where such insurance is unaffordable for both employers and  employees; 
 3) forcing those already coping with life-threatening illnesses to lose their insurance coverage;
4) forcing those unemployed for years by the Obama "recovery" to apply for SSI Disability, Medicaid, and Food Stamps; 
5) promoting sexual promiscuity and the spread of STD's among our youth, so as to discourage their appreciation of the virtues required to maintain a free and just society;
6) implementing fiscal policies of waste, fraud and abuse, which ensure that our posterity will be condemned to the debt slavery, which will be required to deal with the ever-growing astronomical burden of debt and unfunded mandates; 
7) illegally giving tax breaks and exemptions (Note that SCOTUS [Supreme Court] has determined that all fees and fines of the ACA are taxes) only to the political cronies of the Democratic Party; 
8) training DHS and military personnel to view veterans and Christian groups as potential terrorists, due to their support of moral truths and the Constitution; 

9) encouraging our children in our public schools to view Islam as "the religion of peace" and the foundation of civilization, while denigrating Christianity as a threat to world peace;
10) undermining the integrity of marriage and the family by giving preference in the law and the tax code to those who embrace "alternate lifestyles".  
God save us!

   Fr. Tom

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Al Henneberry said...

The fun will begin when your partiers open the cans and a geyser will shoot up because the cans were shaken up.