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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Friend, Fr. Tom's Interesting Observations on Yesterday's Election Results

Mary Ann -

Yesterday's vote in Virginia was strangely reminiscent of the vote that took place at the preatorium of Pilate in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. 
  • The expediency of complacency was chosen, and the integrity of truth was rejected. 
  • The one who praises the anti-virginity and anti-maternity agenda of Sandra Fluke was preferred to the one who honors Mary as both virgin and mother. 
  • The one who wants to downgrade sanitation standards at abortion clinics was preferred to the one that sought to ensure that a mother does not die or get surgically butchered, even when she has authorized the killing of her pre-born child. 
  • The one who wants to limit parents' right to choose a good education for their children was chosen over the one who believes that education is more than just career training. 
  • And the one who wants to expand the "family life" curricula of our schools so as to promote in our children attitudes and behaviors conducive to sexual experimentation and exploitation is preferred over the one who upholds the virtues of modesty, chastity and marital fidelity. 
Compounding this tragedy is the fact that the de facto application of current Church discipline regarding Holy Communion seems to indicate that it is permissible to go so far as to abuse our Eucharistic Lord, in such
a way as to indicate that He is ratifying this agenda by offering His very Self as a living sacramental ratification of the one pro-actively promoting the desecration and destruction of human life, of family life and of human sexuality.
May God grant all of us life-saving repentance!

In Christ,

Fr. Tom Collins

I agree, Father. Now isn't it time to ban these manifest public sinners masquerading as Catholics from approaching the altar to crucify our Lord once again? Certainly, Terry McAuliffe should be corrected by our two Virginia bishops. But I'm not holding my breath.

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newguy40 said...

Yes. Eucharistic Christ is silent before the modern day Pilate's and Herod's and his ancients abandon Him again. He hasn't changed nor have we. His Love, Mercy and humility remains with us. I deplore the way our Eucharistic Lord is treated. But, He has chosen to remain with us in this way. It is hard to fathom but He knew this would happen to Him. We, the faithful, must go to Him and make reparation for the abuse of the apostates and the ignorant. He so badly wants us to be with Him even for a little while. Go to Him and make reparation for the sinners. He will be so very happy to see you!