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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Politics of Perversion: ENDA's Goal is Criminalizing Christianity

Gays admit ENDA game: Outlaw Christian morality

Homosexual activists have long desired to force the entire world to accept and applaud their perversion. With ENDA (Employment Non-Descrimination Act) they're well on their way to the goal helped by a morally corrupt senate that voted 64-32 assisted by ten RINOs. ENDA isn't really about protecting "gays" from discrimination. It's about discrimination against any opposition to perversion, forcing businesses, and ultimately churches as well, to shut up and put up.

While the current bill has mild protection for religious organizations,
gay activist and radio personality, Michael Signorile, says of whatever legislation is ultimately signed by the president,  “none should include any religious exemptions.” All must be forced to give moral legitimacy to immorality.

That's it, folks. Legislation that proclaims non-discrimination is all about discrimination. Christians can believe whatever crazy things they want to believe as long as they never act on their beliefs in the public square.
  • don't want an abortion? Don't have one. But if you're a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, counselor, etc. you'd better be willing to assist at one, refer for one, prescribe a drug that causes one, etc. 
  • You don't like sodomy, fornication, adultery? Don't do it. But if you run a religious institution you better hire the out and proud sodomite, fornicator, or adulterer. And if they profess their lifestyle boldly at the parochial school, too bad for the kids.
  • You believe in the Bible? Read it. But don't quote any of those nasty passages that claim sexual perversion is evil, because that's "hate speech."
Get ready for active persecution because it's coming. Heck! It's already here. You've heard about all the lawsuits against caterers, photographers, bakeries, etc. who refuse to participate in same-sex ceremonies. A fellow blogger recommended that bakeries post a sign saying they will gladly bake gay "wedding" cakes and all profits will be donated to an organization fighting for traditional marriage. Of course, then they'll sue the bakery for being mean. 

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