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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bill Whittle Calls for Common Sense Resistance to our Dystopian Culture

I read an interesting column today by Bill Whittle, a conservative political commentator whose insightful observations always set me thinking. He said that many popular films of the last few decades are set in post apocalyptic dystopias and named a long string including the recent Hunger Games. He could have included as well the fascination with evil threats hanging over the world like Tolkien's Ring Trilogy and The Hobbit series.

Whittle asks the question:
Why? Why especially is this so popular among young people? When I was a kid it was Apollo Missions and Star Trek: the future was bright, optimistic and unlimited. Why now is there nothing like that out there? Why is it all ruin and savagery? 
This is his conclusion:
It provides us, especially teenagers, a chance to vicariously ask ourselves the question that those who go into combat on our behalf do not have to speculate on: namely, how would I do? Could I handle it? What if all I had was an axe? [Or as another era reacted to evil -- a pitchfork.]
Bill Whittle wants to give people, especially the young, a way to respond to our own dystopian culture and he's dropping what has become a pejorative term, "conservative," in favor of a term without the baggage, "common sense resistance." We certainly need a return to common sense. When Christians like Phil Robertson are lambasted for articulating nothing more than Biblical morality, it's time for common sense resistance. (Like the response that made A & E and Cracker Barrel back down from removing Phil from the show.) When idiot feminists label all normal sexual relationships between men and women rape, but same-sex depravity is "love," it's time for common sense. When coming out of the closet is an act of heroism, but wearing a pro-life T-shirt is harassment, it's time for common sense.

If you've never seen Bill Whittle, check out this video. We're living in the shadow of Mordor and it's high time the lovers of truth and common sense challenged the evil empire in our own back yard.


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